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IMC @ the United States Social Forum

This page is for coordination of Indymedia activities at the USSF in Atlanta, 2007.

FIRST: read this:

What is Happening

Indymedia folks will be doing these things at the USSF. Add your event, screening, meeting here.

Who is Coming

You can search organizations and people who are attending the USSF through their website at:

Or you can add yourself to the list of IMC participants here:
Sofia (Boston IMC)
sakura (indybay/Fault Lines)
Rob +5 others (Houston IMC)
Urbana-Champaign IMC: 3
NY IMC: 3-5
DC IMC: at least 1

IMC-MJC Collaboration

As promised we reached out to the Ida B. Wells Media Justice Center (MJC) about Indymedia collaborating in the work they\x92re doing. MJC, together with a growing number of community media partners, has done a lot of strategizing as to how the news gathering and content creation at the MJC could take place and they would love for Indymedia to get involved. Some ways we can do this:

  • videotaping sessions and sharing gear (Media Pool);
  • covering sessions;
  • participating at daily meetings in the Community Newsroom;
  • sharing media skills;
  • press credentialing

So if you are going to the USSF and want to put energy into working intentionally with the MJC project, please keep an eye on the IMC-US list for updates, or go to:

Just to clarify, this is just one of many media-activism opportunities at the USSF and is not meant to limit nor confine any USSF IMC projects outside of MJC.


* MJC Program (updates will be added as they come in): MJC_printed_program_page.pdf
* Ida B. Wells Media Justice Center handbook: MJC_outreachhandbook.pdf


Greetings from the Ida B. Wells Media Justice Center! Thanks for your interest working in the MJC - here's how to get involved with the trainings at the MJC. We are asking folks with experience and equipment to come and help pass on their skills in the areas below. Check out the attached handbook to see TENTATIVE dates and times of trainings (these still may change). Depending on demand, each trainer will ideally be assigned with 1-5 people to work with.

Trainings (so far): 1. spokespeople trainings
2. video
3. radio
4. web design
5. blogging
5. print
6. fact-checking & research

(we are especially seeking trainers in these areas to train in Spanish and other languages besides english, as well as trainers who can work with children and youth). While it may still be too early to get back to us on this, as soon as you find out your schedule in the USSF programs, please let us know:

1. which of these trainings you and your organization would like to be a part of,
2. what days/times for trainings work for you,
3. what equipment you will bring to do the training.

NOTE! We're also strongly recommending that trainers and collaborators attend an orientation/protocol training (there will be one on Wed, another on Thurs), and reminding folks about COMMUNITY NEWSROOM every day from 12-1:30pm, which is where the primary work of the MJC will take place.

Please send this information as well as questions or concerns to: Gretchen Hildebran at


If you are tech or media savvy, and are planning to attend the USSF, please consider volunteering for the Ida B Wells Media Justice Center. We are in need of technology and communications experts to register and volunteer. Please contact Demetrio Maguigad,

See you in Atlanta!!!

IMC US for USSF Print Project

Our first IMC US paper was born early today around 7:00 am, 8.5x11 inches, .005 pounds. Take a look!! Thanks everyone for all your help.

What it's for: to give a public eye to Indymedia at the USSF through one publication to promote and in addition to (not to replace) already existing local online and print indymedias.

What it will include (so far):

  • a very short history/mission indymedia section;
  • how to get involved in local indymedias;
  • samples of articles collected from the center column at the US Indymedia site (not sure how back we can go, how much we can fit, but I'd would love to have a good sample of as many local indymedias as possible);
  • a one page sample of all Indymedia print issues available to date;
  • other projects: radio indymedia (list local indymedia radios) and video indymedia;
  • a very short section pointing to (wait! there's more!) global indymedia;
  • short info about the Ida B. Wells Media Project and how to get involved.

What we need help with (if you don't see your local project on these lists, please add):

  • template (DONE: thanks NY IMC and Indybay... We're going w/Indybay since Sakura volunteered to help w/layout...)
  • images (indybay photo gallery)
  • list of local IMCs
  • sample articles
  • list of local IMC print issues: IMCPRINTEDITIONS.doc
    ( this list is outdated, historical reference)
  • list of radio projects
  • list of video projects


  • roughly $405 for 3,000 copies for a 12-page paper. We have $200 so far. Please contact us if your local IMC would like to add any to the hat.

How to get involved:

More USSF-IMC Projects

Add your project here...

How to Coordinate

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