Working space to create a syndicated front-page for Indymedia UK

Syndicated Indymedia Sites

Proposal: that the working group to get on with the aggregator is structured as follows:

  • communicates through the imc-uk-tech mailing list for development and makes a commitment to being as open and inclusive as possible.
  • code for the current Mir site is hosted with codecoop code for the proposed Drupal project is hosted on the git repository at escapegoat, currently named nukastle.
  • the project embraces consensus based decision making methods. Any member of the working group should try to give either active consensus, a stand aside or a block to any proposal that is made to the list.
  • Proposals should only need to be made for major decisions. The onus should be on just getting on and doing it as much as is possible. If there is disagreement on any aspects, this should be discussed on list with a commitment to finding a quick resolution.
  • any past issues are put aside for the benefit of a harmonious working group. Politics should not have a place in the development effort. How can a CMS for Indymedia be developed in a non-political way and why would we want a non-political solution?
  • ideally should include at least one member from each uk collective who can liaise between their collective and the working group if needs be.
  • any member of a uk collective, or any individual who has shown a firm commitment to the indymedia project should be granted commit access if requested
  • a development site should be put up somewhere appropriate which will be available for the whole network to view at any time. Any person who has commit access to the codebase should ideally also have full access to this server. Access logs should be viewable by all users for openness and accountability. root logins should be avoided in favour of sudo
  • we make positive steps to be inclusive and to avoid a gender imbalanced workgroup.
  • most importantly of all, that through this process we all try our best to become friends, good colleagues and to trust one another.
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