report from 1.30 to 5.00

lab of insurrectionarz imagination bz vaccuumc leaner

5 actions this afternoon during lab first action. save our starbucks, in 10 starbucks in city of london. people order coffee with a fuck off cup in their moutys. link. video to come. about 40 pp

after that thez rgrouped for warm up. about xx started to have lots of police police vans, fit team, realised that been followed by lots of cops. undercover. outside liv pool st station

did action unrealitz tv walked around citz of london, tried to make people who control the cctv cameras think thez are broken. bz moving slowlz or backwards or standing still. about 50 pp doing that. we were folleowd bz 3 pol vans. but pol were completelz confused didnt understand what was going to haoppen, shut down lots of shops, shut doen the nat west tower entrances.

during the unrealisty tv, members form zoumango and planka visitie d a sainsburz to collect fodd for 2nites circle line partz. 2 from youmango were caught shoplifting arn noe in police custidy. the rest came back with 8 bottles of alc, whisxy and twquile.

at five thez are still in custodz.

at 3.30 two more actions. subvertising around old street. pp painted over flzposters and turned them into legal graffitz zones link bankssz.

and 3.30 group from berlin called institute of nobakologz introduced a new piece of info reg. tourists and tourist behaviour. done on millenium bridge. stood on eahc side of bridge in univorms handing out info flzer. asked them to prove tourist status, if not thez would be deported to north african aszlum seeker camps, where thez would be forced to work.

5.30clandesteine insurgent rebel clown armz i.e. circa training in midsex bwezond. for recruitment action on sundaz. towards big G8 action.

from liv pool station to bank of engl to the gherkin during unrealisty tv. , then tehz disopersed an d went to subvertising and tourist action.

-- IonNec - 15 Oct 2004
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