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Working on features...

  • Somewhere to create links to feature as they are being worked on, or use Crabgrass.
  • See UkFeaturesHowTo for more ideas on how to construct a feature.
  • Then, propose articles on the imc-uk-features list.

Work in progress:*

work space (UkFeaturesNewWorkpad)


* Feature: Gateway 303

* Feature: Mark Kennedy

* Feature: Mayday 2010

* Feature: Tar Sands

* Feature: COP15

* Feature: Corporate Media coverage of UK Police COINTELPRO

* Feature: BNP Membership Leak 2.0

* Feature: October 24: International Day of Climate Action

* Feature: Bagdad Deportations

* Feature: Anti-Fur March

* Feature: Sean Kirtley

* Feature: Rossport: The Time is Now

* Feature: Climate Action Takes Global Proportions

* Feature: Climate Camp: Mass Action

* Feature: Climate Camp: How Kent Police Radicalized An Entire Generation

* Feature: Climate Camp Day 6: Action Spreads Across South East

* Feature: The not-so-secret 'guide to policing protest'

* Feature: Cargill Blockaded In First Climate Camp Action

* Feature: More Investors Dump HLS, Barclays Next?

* Feature: Get your wellies on: Time for the Climate Camp!

* Feature: Ilkley Moor Shoot Postponed As The Sabotage Continues

* Feature: Carnival Against Vivisection

* Feature: Strike

* Feature: Badgers saved in England, what about Wales?

* Feature: McLibel Campaigner Arrested on Anniversary

* Feature: Riot at Campsfield

* Feature: Binyam Mohamed — the last UK resident in Guant\xE1namo Bay threatened with death penalty

* Feature: Food and Climate Day of Action

* Feature: UK Celebrates Mayday

* Feature: Euromayday - next round has started

* Feature: Armed Canadian Coast Guard Storms Conservation Vessel for Documenting Seal Hunt

* Feature: Heathrow Protesters Uncover Spy Plot

* Feature: Olympic Torch in London Greeted by Tibet Protests

* Feature: Respression NATO Summit Romania

* Feature: Fossil Fools Day 08

* Feature: Israel Keeps it's Promise of Holocaust on Gaza

* Feature: Iraq: 5 Years of Imperial Genocide

* Feature: Hands Off Iraqi Oil

* Feature: Wikileaks censored by US Court

* Feature: Sea Sheperd Activist Kidnapped By Japanese

* Feature: Guant\xE1namo: 6 Years of Illegal Detentions and Torture

* Feature: Preserving disorder: freedom to protest and the future of SOCPA

* Feature: Don't deport Pegah Emambakhsh

* Feature: social change and climate change

* Feature: London and Glasgow: Browns 'Bombs'?

* Feature: NSA Menwith Hill: 4th July: Independence From America

* Feature: Tweedle Brown

* Feature: Carry On (No Border) Camping!

* Feature: Enough! End the Israeli Occupation

* Feature: John Bowden: Prisoner Support is not Terrorism

* Feature: The Guardian: Imperial Disinformation

* Feature: B52 Two Not Guilty Virdict

* Feature: Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Protests

* Feature: Draft 'War on Terror' Startpage Special

* Feature: Fury grows over suspicious death during police raid

* Feature: Protests disrupt DSEi 2005; europe's largest arms fair

* Feature: Remember Fallujah

* Feature: Eviction Trailersite Christiania (Global)

* Feature: German precarity camp and raid of Anti-Atom-Aktuell offices

* Feature: CzechTek

* Feature: UkEsflabfriafternoon

* Feature: May Day 2004

* Feature: NO Software Patents in Europe

* Feature: New Orleans Disaster

* Feature: Justice for Palestine: tear down the Apartheid Wall! (Global)

* Feature: Justice for Palestine: tear down the Apartheid Wall!

* Feature: Responses to the Seizure of Indymedia Harddrives

* Feature: Benefits Cuts

* Feature: Corporate Feeding Frenzy In Iraq

* Feature: Mayday 07
* Feature: G807Communications

Older stuff

-- ChrisC - 30 Mar 2004
-- WietsE - 26 Dec 2005
-- ShiaR - 19 Dec 2006 moved all draft features to Work Space

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