Climate Camp Day 6: Action Spreads Across South East

On the sixth day of the Climate Camp, people took action at sites across the South East. Climate activists shut down the Vopak fuel depot in Thurrock, the biggest holder of biofuels in the South of England. At Gatwick Airport, activists dropped banners at the main concourse of the airport and at the trainstation while others locked themselves to railings. In London, 15 students staged a die-in in front of the Royal Bank Of Scotland HQ while lying in a pool of oil. Eon\x92s replica of the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station at the Legoland park in Windsor was occupied by one inch tall climate change campaigners.

Meanwhile, police saw their opportunity to move in to evict Bodge House, a disused farmhouse on the proposed site of an open cast coal mine, which was occupied in June. The site, near Shipley, Derbyshire is now the scene of hordes of police and bailiffs as they try make their way through the house's defences. With people hidden in tunnels and locked in lock-ons, the eviction is estimated to last 2-3 days. Bowl Court social centre in London was also evicted by police, who were reported saying 'we're not stupid, we knew you'd all be at the Climate Camp'.

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Overview Of The Day (7th August)

Climate activists from around the country shut down the Vopak fuel depot in Thurrock, which is the biggest holder of biofuels in the South of England. Police violently dragged locked on protester in human chain out of road at the site. There were light injuries and people screaming in pain. Apart from the people who locked onto the road, people were also locked onto the staircase of silo.

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At 7am, 40 high court bailiffs started evicting the Bowl Court squatted social centre in Shoreditch. One of the officers was reported saying 'we're not stupid, we knew you'd all be at the Climate Camp'.

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Around 7.45am about 60 police and 50 bailliffs arrived at the Bodge House squat in Shipley, Derbyshire and have launched a full eviction attempt. The house is located on the site of a proposed open cast coal mine. Throughout the day the police have been trying to get through the barricades and defences. Local people and media have been at the scene. So far 3 people have been removed from lockons and a cargo net outside the house and have been arrested. 7 people are still inside and are heavily barricaded in, included being hidden in tunnels under the house. The bailiffs have put up security fences and although they have managed to enter part of the building, the eviction attempt has been stopped for today. It is estimated the eviction will take at least another couple of days.

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At Gatwick Airport, activists dropped banners at the main concourse of the airport and at the trainstation. The banner in the main concourse of the airport reads "Stop Short Haul". Two activists locked onto railings with handcuffs, whilst others wearing T-shirts with slogan 'Can I hinder' leafletted passengers. Action lasted 15 minutes, no arrests. Second banner at Gatwick train station reads "Let The Train Take The Strain".

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Fifteen dead bodies lay in a pool of oil blocking the entrance to RBS London HQ at Liverpool Street. Students staged a 'die-in' blockade to highlight the devastating effects of climate change. The protesters demanded RBS stop funding destructive fossil fuel projects which will create climate catastrophe. The action took place as part of the climate camp and is co-ordinated by the student action network PANDA. A report released today by a coalition of environmental NGOs reveals that RBS is estimated to have been involved in providing loans of over $20 billion to coal-related companies in the last two years \x96 including the energy company E.ON.

Head of Climate Change Campaigns at People & Planet, Bronwen Thomas said: \x93Thousands of climate change activists are currently gathered at the Climate Camp in Kingsnorth to oppose E.ON's plans to build the first coal-fired power station in the country for 33 years. Coal is the dirtiest fuel there is. Opening coal fired power stations is madness - We should be stopping climate change not making it worse\x94

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E.ON\x92s replica of the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station was occupied by one inch tall climate change campaigners. The drama unfolded at the Legoland park in Windsor \x96 sponsored by E.ON \x96 where the Lego Kingsnorth is given pride of place next to Big Ben and Canary Wharf. The six campaigners appeared at the top of the construction at around 11am in the morning, before unveiling a banner saying STOP CLIMATE CHANGE down the length of the tower. Lego police are in attendance at the foot of the tower, along with a Lego police helicopter.

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