Climate Camp: Day of Mass Action

Saturday August 9 is the Climate Camp Day of Mass Action, when "the climate camp will go beyond talk and culminate in a spectacular mass action to shut down Kingsnorth. Permanently!"

Campaigners intended to try and shut down the power station by land sea and air, with four main colour-coded "blocks." The Blue Block (or Great Rebel Raft Regatta) intended to approach Kingsnorth power station by water along the River Medway. Not wanting to be outdone, the Silver Block intended to approach from above. The Green Block meanwhile focused on making its way through the undergrowth, with the Orange Block completing the set with a children-friendly march to the main gates.

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As in previous years, there have been actions targetting climate criminal throughout the camp, but this is the day when the large numbers brought together by the event coordinate their activities in order to maximise disruption.

The Blue Block promised "a futuristic flotilla of crafts of every shape and size, from recycled rafts, to viking ships, pirate punts to gondolas". The police quickly moved to ban this event ostenisbly under Section 21 of the Medway Ports Byelaws. Undeterred, two groups of rafters inexplicably dubbed the Ikea and Treasure Island groups made their way into the water at 8.20am having camped out the previous night. The Ikea group were stopped by the police and coastguards and pulled over to the side of the river, while the other, Treasure Island group was able to continue on with at least some rafters getting to the jetty at Kingsnorth.

The Green Block left the camp via a back fence, but quickly picked up a police escort. Nevertheless, when the group numbering several hundred people reached the first fence at least 15 were able to get past it. A seperate branch of the Green Block managed to breach the fence and hang a banner on the inside.

The Orange Block left the camp shortly after 9am, with big multi-coloured dragon. There was a good atmosphere with mainstream media in attendence. The march was held up in the lane outside the main gate. Police were told that people would not arrive until 10am and would not let them move until that time. Although this march was largely chilled out with lots of singing and chanting as the sun shone, there was at least one arrest for criminal damage/resisting arrest and a brief fracas which resulted in several protesters being truncheoned by police.

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