More Investors Dump HLS, Barclays Next?

It has been confirmed that the labs largest investor, H Partners, has sold their combined total of \xA311.2 million HLS shares, worth over 5% of the company, as the campaign continues against shareholders of Huntingdon Life Sciences. The sale was made the day after the previous largest investor of Europe's largest vivisection laboratory, Eagle Asset, dumped \xA37 million shares in HLS.

With no UK office, activists in New York City led the campaign against H Partners staging regular demonstrations outside the home of a board member, successfully persuading the company to sell its shares in the fraudulent and violent science. Old Mutual also followed suit selling their 15,000 shares in HLS after demos in London, leaving Barclays as the next big shareholder and target for campaigners in the UK.

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Shareholders, stockbrokers, market makers, suppliers and clients have all dumped HLS, including the world's largest companies; all four main high street banks in the UK, the world's largest financial institution, the world's second largest bank and the world's largest insurance broker. Huntingdon are around $80 million dollars in debt with no commercial bank and insurance company anywhere in the world prepared to deal with them.

HLS' key weakness is their finances and by throwing the spotlight on those funding their abuse campaigners across the globe have managed to bring HLS to the brink of financial collapse. Throughout the campaign activists have made financial history as one by one major corporations have yielded to protester power and severed their links with the failing company.

Campaigners use evidence obtained in five undercover investigations at their different laboratories in the UK and USA where HLS workers have been caught on film punching puppies in the face, simulating sex with animals in their care, cutting open primates while they are still alive and falsifying experiments to get products on the market. HLS workers have even been caught drunk at work and dealing drugs at the labs.

Huntingdon Life Sciences have a criminal record from a British court of law for breaking the Companies' Act. They are the only UK laboratory to ever have their licence revoked by the government.

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