Ilkley Moor Shoot Postponed As The Sabotage Continues

Organisers of the cruel grouse shoot on Ilkley Moor, The Bingley Moor Partnership, has said there will be no shooting for at least two years because of a shortage of grouse to kill. The news was announced after three of the five direct action reports this month by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Grouse Liberation Front against the shoot. The ALF said that they had targeted enclosures, traps and other property on the moors around Ilkley, owned by the Moorland Association to kill a variety of wildlife on Ilkley, Denton, Binkley, and High moor.

Spokesman for the association, Amanda Anderson, confirmed that a lot of the equipment damaged by anti-bloodsports activists this month was not all related to the grouse shoot. She said that pens for breeding birds other than grouse were damaged, such as partridges, while traps were destroyed intended for the killing of weasels, stoats and mink. The ALF also claimed responsibility for; toppled and smashed water butts, cut water pipes, damaged feeders, bought down fences, destroyed snares and a broke pulley system. Furthermore, actions were dedicated to Anne Hawksworth (a Bradford Councillor who is advocating the shoot), Judge Ross and the Austrian prisoners.

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The latest anonymous communiqu\xE9 signed by the ALF contained the following demand from the activists in an attempt to end the shoot on Ilkley moor permantantly;

"We ask Bradford City Council and the Bingley Moor Partnership to back out of plans to profit from blasting Ilkley grouse apart, and in turn commit to leaving Ilkley moor as a place where grouse and other animals can live without the threat of shotguns, larsen traps or fen traps and any of the other hideous methods used by gamekeepers."

Ilkley Moor has been free from guns and shooting for the past decade, but Bradford Council have changed all this, re-issuing licenses for local shoots to use the public-moorland for their barbaric bloodsport. Anne Hawksworth, Ilkley Councillor and Head of the Environmental Portfolio, has been plugging the Ilkley Moor Shoot since 2005 and continues to support it, although denys any involvement in shooting herself.

According to other councillors, the presentation and campaign to stop the shooting has 'rattled her cage' and is having an impact. It's clear why she\x92s backing it - there\x92s big money involved with the council receiving \xA31,000 per shoot that happens on Ilkley Moor, according to council documents obtained by the West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs.

The use of direct action to oppose the shoot was also promised last month by the group, who say they will disrupt and end the shoot if it ever goes ahead.

Spokesman Luke Steele said: "The grouse shooting industry is cruel, unnecessary and only carried out for entertainment. Birds are scared out of the undergrowth then shot out of the sky. Many are still alive when they hit the floor.

"And who would want to go to a shoot that will be stopped by anti-bloodsports activists?"

Furthermore, the shoot has also been criticised and condemned by Animal Aid, The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), West Yorkshire Animals in Need (WYAN) and Green Party Councillors, Kevin Warnes and Martin Love.

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