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" Imc-uk-features -- Middle column features for Indymedia UK

About Imc-uk-features

This is the mailing list where middle column stories for all subsections are being proposed. The rule is that anyone can propose a short introduction to an event or a newswire report. The text should be concise, and a title, the links and preferably a photo link should be included. This story can be uploaded if nobody objects to it within 24 hours. "

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Imc-uk-features -- Middle column features for Indymedia UK

About Imc-uk-features

This is the mailing list for working on middle column 'feature' stories on the IMC UK website, preferably taken from the Newswire (right hand side "Open-Publishing" column) as a 'highlighted' news story.

Please contribute! There are two ways to work on and upload a feature story : -

1 this method is best for more complex stories that a few people can work on together and develop and/or stories that might not need immediate publication: -

Propose it to all the people working on features. How? Send the story - draft or complete - with a brief description introducing it to: Include: titles, the text (remember it needs to be concise), the links to the Newswire stories from where it was sourced, and preferably a photo link as well. Other people may work collaboratively on it to improve or expand (or summarize) the story. If there are no objections to it within 24 hours then someone with a password to the website will upload the story.

2 for quicker (immediate) publication: -

Put the story, also preferably from the Newswire, - either finished work or draft - onto the Imc UK Features 'Workpad' here (simple instructions are included in the Notes at the bottom of the Workpad):

To do this you must 'register' a "Twiki signature" as a user of the Workpad (its easy!), so that other people can see who, is working on what, and when here:

Then any editing takes place online on the Workpad, by you or anyone and any number of people, so long as they register too. Which means also that you can work on someone else's feature already on the Workpad. If you change an existing story on the Workpad please send a brief note to let people know here:

To upload the story, if you have the password to the IMC UK website then just upload it. If you don't have the password, send a mail to: notfiying people that the story is awaiting publication.

-- RichardMalter - 03 Sep 2002
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