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911 feature proposal -

- third edition - by ana

One year on, Osama Bin Laden has not been found and is not reported as being looked for - which was the reason for bombing Afganistan? Or was it to replace the Taliban with a friendlier regime that would allow the construction of a pipeline to carry the newly found oil in the Caspian region?

Read some thoughts on the legitimacy of actions labelled as 'war on terrorism'.

Implications of the 'war on terrorism' in privacy rights:

Amnesty International concerns over Human Rights violations following the 9/11 attacks:

Implications for the Internet, too:

Some thoughts on the need of a provocation to start a war:

Noting the lack of investigation on the 9/11 attacks:

Vilification of Islam:

Report of actions in New Zealand:

More links: Iraq war gas attacks by Iraq did not stop us during Iran-Iraq war Human rights abuses since September 11 Robert Fisk Bush plans FBI arrests of dissidents in Pakistan US paramilitary and rights removal in Colombia by President Uribe Iran and Bahrain oppose US war plans against Iraq Huge trade deal draws Iraq to Russia deal worth \xA360bn

edition by ana. 12 sept 2002

This is the complete html code story of the London Collective that was on middle column before ammendment 11Apr:-

April 10, 2002:
Intensified attacks overnight in Nablus and Jenin while horrific treatment of Palestinian prisoners emerges.

Click here for ** Breaking news.

Day-by-day coverage:

Images of the War: 1 | 2

More info and updates:<a href=""%

+++++++++++++ About 5 acres of a field of genetically modified crops in the Highlands has been destroyed. The Northern Constabulary report that the GM oilseed rape was destroyed on Saturday night at Roskill Farm, Munlochy, on the Black Isle in Easter Ross. The site has been the focus of campaigners’ protests since it was earmarked for GM crop trials by the Agri-business company Aventis two years ago. 4,000 protesters based on the Black Isle handed a petition to the transport and environment committee expressing their opposition to the crop trial. A few days ago a Scottish parliamentary committee called for the crop trial, beginning to flower, to be ploughed up. read more ++++ rm/24/2/02



Teachers Fight Back Against Blunkett 'swamping' Rhetoric

Newham teachers, supported by Newham Teachers' Association (NUT), have launched a petition affirming that refugee children are welcome in schools and opposing any moves towards segregated schooling as proposed by the government. The petition condemns the comments made by David Blunkett, the Home Secretary, that refugee children have 'swamped' local schools. The Home Office plans to establish special 'accommodation centres' where asylum seeker children will be educated separately from others in remote areas of the country. In the past, refugee children have received strong support from other school students, often leading to highly energetic schools-based campaigns against any deportation attempts. The petition is for teachers, parents, schoolchildren and students and can be signed by people anywhere in the UK. Newham Teachers Association hope that the petition will become a national initiative to show the strength of feeling after the Home Secretary's comments. Other NUT branches are being asked to adopt the petition, subject to approval from local officers. read more ++rm/4/05/02


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