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Since the ahimsa siezure, it has become apparent that ImcUk needs to find a new publishing server as well as create multiple mirrors of the webserver. There are also other IMCs that could do with help. Consequently, the UK launched a server appeal and there is some UkCrypto#Hardware discussion about the physical servers. See UkServerProcess for ideas about how to sort out a team of people to deal with legal issues arrising from the server. This page is to help decide where to host that new server.


Space for a 1U box (ie a server that takes up one unit or rackspace), based on the current hardware plan: UkCrypto#Hardware

UK IMC is in the process of discussing setting up a legal body for signing hosting contracts in the UK, (see UkLegalConstitution) until this is resolved it appears that UK ISPs will not be able to be used for this server, but please add them to this list anyway.

Riseup in Seattle do not need UK IMC to be a legally constituted body and for hosting in Amsterdam the NL 'Friends of Indymedia' are willing to sign a hosting contract with Calyx.

Options (alphabetical order)

NB: copy and paste the table below to make the standard questions to ask each option...

standard info response explanation
website   URI
location   city/country
bandwidth   limit per month
cost   per month
physical access?   is it accessible?
tech support (name)   local person
tech notes    
legal notes   e.g. applicable laws, help available or lawyers etc
legal implications   e.g. forming legal body of uk group, "friends of indymedia" etc
security rating   would this ISP offer more or less resistance to server seizure than others

Black Cat Networks

standard info response
location Belfast, Northern Ireland
bandwidth 35GB limit per month
cost \xA350/month
physical access?  
tech support (name)  
tech notes recommendation
legal notes UK law
legal implications as for UK
security rating  


standard info response
location Undisclosed UK
bandwidth limit per month ?
cost dependent on Gig
physical access?  
tech support (name)  
tech notes  
legal notes UK law, AUP
legal implications  
security rating  


standard info response
location amsterdam/netherlands and nyc/usa
physical access? yes, person need a key and a card
tech support (name) Zapata
tech notes See email from Nick @ Calyx to imc-uk-tech
legal notes NL/EU laws applicable
need to have a legal entity
contract holder "friends of indymedia", dutch foundation set up as owner of and as legal "buffer" between collective and individuals: seems to be willing to meet with calxy lawyers and sign a hosting contract
other info/links - "Calyx Internet Access Corp. was incorporated in the State of New York in 1995. Since its inception, Calyx has worked with such companies as Ikea, Amtrak, Keynote Systems Inc (NASDAQ:KEYN)., and Tanqueray gin."
security rating calyx did not give in when asked for IP logs in US subpoena google results


standard info response
location London/UK
bandwidth ?limit per month?
cost/month to be negotiated
physical access? servers hosted with Poptel- Poptech? in London, to be negotiated
tech support (name) London techies?
tech notes linux/apache
legal notes "GreenNet will not participate in the voluntary retention scheme and is principally bound to retain its current data retention policy (...) in the interest of defending the rights of our user community."
contract holder to be negotiated, legal body, individual?
other info/links  
security rating  


standard info response
location Sealand in the North Sea
bandwidth 256Kbps
cost $1,500 per month
physical access? no
tech support (name) none
tech notes jebba contacted then after the FBI raid, they were on for doing IMC hosting, but they are very expensive also security claims may be false, for this kind of thing metacolo might be better, but again they will no doubt be unafordable...
legal notes "Sealand currently has no regulations regarding copyright, patents, libel, restrictions on political speech, non-disclosure agreements, cryptography, restrictions on maintaining customer records, tax or mandatory licensing, DMCA, music sharing services, or other issues; child pornography is the only content explicitly prohibited.", see their aup
contract holder none?
security rating  

Public Internet Ltd

standard info response
location Telecity, London
bandwidth 100Gb (unmonitored, www3 served 180Gb in 44 days)
cost 70UKP (list price, subject to negotiation)
physical access? Yes
tech support (name) [machine] (owner of PI Ltd)
tech notes PI Ltd already provide www3/DNS/mail for UK
contract holder n/a
legal implications UK/EU laws apply
security rating  


standard info response
location Seattle, USA \
bandwidth ??
cost donation - uses approx $50/box/month
physical access? yes
tech support (name) stefani is on for helping out
tech notes  
legal notes "You also agree not to use our Online Services to: (a) violate any applicable local, state, national or international law;" - comprehensive disclaimer/ terms of service
contract holder none, i don't think (but i'm not a lawyer!)
other info/links terms of service
security rating  


standard info response
location Amsterdam
bandwidth 500 GB
cost EUR 95,- (1U)
physical access? Yes
tech support (name) Zapata
tech notes  
legal notes Same as for Calyx
contract holder Same as for Calyx
other info/links They have not replied to two email asking about hosting with them
security rating  

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