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Imc Uk Maintenance

This twiki builds a "manual" for maintenance of the imc uk website and e-mail lists.

If you are new-ish doing some admin, read the Introduction to Mir first and then the Moderation pages, which include a tutorial and a HowTo on creating features and "cleaning" the newswire (or read the For Dummies here)



"Moderation" means "cleaning the newswire", promoting or demoting articles between various article-types, creating new features. These tasks can be done through the admin page.

Advanced Mir Maintenance

Beyond moderation. Creating and editing Static Pages, Include files...

Admin Access

Moderators need logins and passwords to access the admin page. We keep a list of logins plus email adresses of their holders. 5 (?) "super-users" have the necessary access to create logins.

Nov 03: preparing different users roles: UkMaintenanceUsersRoles

Stylesheets and templates

The colour and layout of pages is done by changing stylesheets, sometimes in conjuction with other templates. To change these stylesheets, download them using cvs, make your changes, then upload the new version.

e-Mail Lists

The United Kollektives are using at least 20 email lists. Have a look here to see a list.


Some points for list admins:


UkArchiveMaintenanceActive / documentation on Web-Maintenance with the old codebase Active.

Probably a lot of the stuff from UkMirTimeline and UkMirDesign could find a new home here.

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