In 2006, more than 20 cities affiliated to the Euromayday network with MayDay Parades, which were listed on the website. Additionally, there was a shared, european Press Conference in Brussels with people from Milan, Torino, Liege, Bruxelles, Ghent, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Helsinki. This year, there are only 7 links to be found on the website of the Euromayday network. At the same time, many MayDay parades, interventions, actions, gatherings, took place all over Europe. They focussed on the issue of precarity, they were independent, but often connected to "revolutionary maydays" or traditional trade union marches. Sometimes, an anarchist/antikapitalist etc bloc went along with the mayday march.

I'd like to make a list of precarious maydays. I'm taking my information mainly from the web and some lists, but with some cities, I am unsure whether they should or would like to be included, whether they see themselves as part of a wide movement striving to deal with precarity. The label "Euromayday" doesn't work for many mayday initiatives (Berlin, Mayday Sur). Others put work conditions on the agenda, but not within the framework of precarity (Nottingham). Others produce interventions that connect to the euromayday framework in style, but without referring to the themes developed by the wider european movement. The list of seven cities on the Euromayday website seems too narrow.

To get an overview, I've made three categories: precarious MayDay Parades who refer in their calls, their style, their political demands to previous euromayday parades; MayDay events that appear on the horizon of the Euromayday through some elements - previous contacts, style of intervention, reference to precarity (sometimes there are precarious blocs in trade union marches, for expl, some MayDay events could be seen as precarious parades but maybe don't see themselves as such) and finally cities that were listed on some 2007 Mayday websites, but with links to 2006 events (not sure if that means nothing happened... like in Copenhagen)

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euromayday network

Portal of the euromayday network. Much previous material, only 7 links for 2007.


  • imc estrecho: List of Maydays, includes some outdated links
  • imc uk: List of calls, includes some which wouldn't see themselves as Euromaydays

Mayday websites

  • Berlin mayday blog: Linklist on blog, taken from previous years, many outdated links.
  • MayDay France: Portal of french mayday mobilisations, with lots of material, including many translations into french, from previous years. Almost nothing from 2007.
  • pools on hh website

theagitator blog

lists over 100 mayday events, including Florence (basta precariato), Helsinki (youtube shows lots of police

flickr group

milan, hamburg ...


video blog entries tagged euromayday

2007 MayDays of the precarious

Which maydays can be clearly regarded as "precarious maydays", or Euromaydays (even if they are named differently)? There is no "central comitee" or website that defines who is and who isn\xB4t part of this type of maydays. This list includes maydays which refer explicitely to precarity (not casualisation etc) in their calls, reports or banners etc. They also take a rather performative, mediated form - soundsystems, sambabands, fancy dress etc, that puts them symbolically apart from the trade union marches, the revolutionary firsts of may, the libertarian firsts of mays. Of course there are crossovers. But the following only includes those events that refer in form and demands to precarity maydays.



call, also on goon-magazine, website

Berlin had a trade union march, a "revolutionary first of may" and in-between a mayday parade. Discussions, whether the mayday parade should have joined with the revolutionary 1st of may, for expl here


call on broken in 03-08, call is here:[tt_news]=4489&cHash=942c7b6587&MP=63-779

Gornja Radgona

Gornja Radgona is a town with 3500 inhabitants in Slovenia, at the border with Austria. The local mayday group plugged in a soundsystem for emocore, hiphop, deepdub and reggae performers. They put up an improvised big screen and showed movies about euromayday all over Europe. They distributed leaflets about work in the past and work today.

call (linked from Leon)


In Ghent, Belgium, the "pirates of utopia" entered the stage of the trade union mayday rally to make their point

call, call [[][website]] video "pirates of Utopia enter the stage"[links]] to Ghent action [[][]]


call [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]]


call website videos feuerloescher, pics hh [[][]] [[][]] [[][]]


call (the text says 2006, the header 30.04.07) [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]]


call website audio [[][]] [[][]]

4 days of event. "L'arte ed il precariato si ribellano" Website has serpica naro on it (16.05.07)


call [[][website]] report

[[][]] [[][]]


Liege (500). parade des migrants et des precaires. action at randstad "oui \xE0 la r\xE9gularisation des sans-papiers, fuck la pr\xE9carit\xE9 g\xE9n\xE9ralis\xE9e". "Fuck precarity, we are not a minority". "Le travail, on s'en fout, on veut des sous et des bisous."

call press call website pic report 1 2 3 video

critical mass pics assembly feature ((i)) liege


call website party_invite [[][]] [[][]]

report video banner / precarious rebellen. cheerleading. migrants banners on national news

protest against precarious work. mayday parade. Interviews.


Lugano held a Street Parade against precarisation of the existential.


[[][website]] pics 1 2 [[][]]


call [[][website]] another call


calls 1 2 MayDaySur website programme report, chronology es en video 1, also on precariadotube, 2, also on precariadotube.


call [[][website]] videos: 1 2 3

reports on ,

pics 1 2

material distributed: tarot freepress [[][]]


calls on globalproject,[tt_news]=4343&cHash=d55d237600&MP=63-642 "I PRECARI CONTRO IL WELFARE DEI MISERABILI E DELLA CONCERTAZIONE", and tanalab and amisnet

pics 1 [[][website]] report audio

video , also on theagitator blog and insutv. against precarisation of live. soundsystem. arty video painting cashpoints freedom and knowledge cobas flags records on soundsystem boxes of leaflets banner: autogestion

also 2006 pictures

Thessaloniki call website report & pics slogans [[][]] poster posters



call website 1, 2 (with Spiderman) (400 pp)

reports on libcom mkimpo globalvoices


call (broken in march 08, but archived website [[][]]


Vienna call [de en, both links are broken in March 08, call can be found on] website pics 1 reports on [[][]]

MayDay mobilisations on the horizon of the precarity movement

This includes demos which don't seem to mention precarity, but are part of the horizon of the precarity movement (reports on websites from around the precarity networks, etc), or are similar to it in the chosen forms, or refer to precarious conditions using different words, different discourses.


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] call report


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] in terms of forms of the demos, mayday in london was close to the precarious maydays. Street performance / space hijackers posing as yuppies, spiderman on their website... but do they mention precarity? colletion of demos/actions on imc uk autonomous workers bloc

see leaflet on agitator


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] On May 5, an alternative Mayday Parade took place. It focussed on the right to work and migration. Participation of refugee solidarity groups, Stop the War Coalition, Unison, NUT etc. Once back in at the rallying point, marchers were addressed by speakers talking about Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the occupation of Iraq, the rise of the BNP, the PCS strike last week and ID cards. There was also music by bands from Zimbabwe, Kurdistan and even Birmingham. roundup on imc uk


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] anarchist mayday, many went to Freiburg after, pp in white suits - affinity of forms?


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] Libertarian blocs in Bern, St Gallen, Winterthur Nothing much about precarity though.



Palma de Mallorca

[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] call contre la precarietat, anarcosyndicalisme, playmobile on poster


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] Problems in the world of work: Precarity.

theagitator displays a superbarrio picture for this call - why?

Spain everything / mainly trade unions

[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] girona mani alternativ, cgt


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] mani barcelona, la Haine timeline

mani anticapitalista barcelona, placa universidad

about 3000 people manifest - against precarity, let's construct socialism - but is this of the anticapitalist demo?

pics manif. barcelona

same slogans and linked with girona and valencia

pics barcelona anticapitalista,


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] mayday demo in cadiz, where the automotive supplier delphi is going to close down and 1500 pp will loose their jobs in addition to xxxx part time workers. Was reported along with Malaga and istambul in the national TV news on mayday. video

cadiz (THE mayday demo this year, delphi) chronic pics delphi cadiz background

cadiz video

delphi background labournet

delphi anfrage an europ. kommission

delphi april strikes

delphi in several cities


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] madrid also had a precarity mayday connected to vivienda digna

madrid syndicalists

madrid CNT chronic 300 pp

madrid V de no votes refers to slogans from vivienda digna

madrid 3. mayo follow up against speculation

Trade Union Demos, mainly CNT, also CGT

cordoba trade unions

valencia trade unions

cnt en sevilla,

zaragoza cnt

granada cnt

granada pics

cnt sevilla

cgt taragona


In Istanbul, Turkey, mayday protests turned into heavy riots when police tried to stop 17000 protesters to reach central Taksim-place.

[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]]

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, police used rubber bullets and batons to disperse a mayday immigration reform rally. [[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] report video from gamejew


[[][call]] [[][website]] [[][]] [[][]] [[][]] One big trade union demo with an antikapitalist Block

Komitee "Das aus rund 50 Organisationen gegr\xFCndete 1.-Mai-Komitee ist heute eine Dachorganisation f\xFCr rund 80 politische und kulturelle Organisationen aus dem In- und Ausland. Es konstituiert sich als Interessengemeinschaft und nimmt nach Diskussion und durch Konsensentscheidung neue Mitglieder auf. Im 1.-Mai-Komitee vereinigen sich Linksparteien, einige SP-Sektionen und Gewerkschaften, Komitees, Immigrantenorganisationen, ausl\xE4ndische Linksparteien, Befreiungsorganisationen und Kulturgruppen." Revolution\xE4rer Aufbau

Streetfighting in "Nachdemo": roundup report on swiss maydays

that made it into the 07 listings:

Barcelona (old website linked from berlinblog)


website documentation for 2005, 2006, but nothing for 2007. Was linked from Leon Website.



New York National Mobilization to Support Immigrant Workers! linked from Leon


Paris call poster

there is a page for md 2005 on the AC website, but nothing found on 2007...

Tornio, Lapland

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