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Looks and functionality of the new IMC UK Mir frontpage are being discussed by many people over many communication channels, including this Twiki page. We can also use it to keep track of all those discussions, proposals and work processes. I suggest that we keep imc-uk-process informed, and that this should also be the list where the new site is finally being approved?

To a certain extent, regional imc uk groups can customise their sites (if necessary, with the help of techies).

The basic elements of the new IMC UK Mir site will be similar to the old active page - publish button, calendar, features, archives etc. But we have more options, we can move elements around on the site, and we can change shapes, logos and colours for fun and functionality.


Zapata advised to clarify which elements we want on the new imc uk Mir site. Some tools about naming conventions and visual design options might come in helpful.

Proposals for Layout & Colours of the imc uk site

  • A design page displays snapshots of existing imc sites, some new designs and useful hints. Posted by Steve from IMC Sheffield.

  • A snapshot of the existing imc uk active page with a legend specifies names for its elements (like publish button, logo etc)

  • A grid displays all elements from the IMC UK active page and the IMC UK mir page. The grid is also a proposal for how the elements could be arranged on the site.

  • A table tries to bring together all the possible elements, their names, functions and definitions. It's a bit tricky, for expl. because some elements are technically the same (both mission statement and video page are "static pages"), but completely different in terms of their meaning for the network and functionality. Also because I don't know much about tech. Improvements greatly appreciated!


* Layout IMC UK startpage

This wish is about the arrangement of elements on the IMC UK mir startpage/ check out, comment and change.

* What browsers are we designing for?

Would it be acceptable to remove old-style HTML like font tags and bgcolor attributes on table cells and put all the colour stuff into the style sheets?

If this is done carefully, with tables retained for layout, then browsers with terrible CSS support, such as Internet Explorer 3 and 4 and Netscape 3 and 4 would still get readable pages.

For troubleshooting of css problems on mac browsers: UkMirCssMacScreenshots

Lynx and the latest Mozilla would be the ideal target browsers wink

-- IonNec - 15 Apr 2003 -- IonNec - 18 Apr 2003 Added grid on new twikiside and link under wishlist
-- ChrisC - 19 Apr 2003 Added question about target web browsers
-- IonNec - 20 Apr 2003 Changed font size headings
-- AndiE - 06 May 2003 Added link to mac screenshots
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