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Imc UK - United Kollektives - has been upgraded to MIR, a new codebase. Users and moderators alike are in the process of getting used to it. Please notify imc-uk-tech @ about any bugs, small or big.

note: Indymedia is based on donated work by individuals. It is not a 'professional' organisation. Our servers are pretty good, but during events such as Genoa, or the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, we are often not able to keep up with the demand.

  • Please help us by not hitting the publish button a thousand times.

  • uploads of large files such as video or audio might time out. This a more serious error - and it will be easier to publish your story by sending your file to imc-uk-reports at for us to upload it. Please include in the email a name and title for your posting.

Please use this form to contribute news stories only. In order to keep the newswire concise, we will hide uploads which are discriminatory, infactual, advertising or a repeat posting. For details, see our Editorial Guidelines . If you want to announce an event please use the calendar. To have your say in response to a story on the site, please use the add your comments link at the bottom of the stories.

We consider, as a rule, that material contributed to this site free for non-profit re-use in the spirit of Copyleft. If you want to change that for your material posted, please give your conditions in the summary.

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added MIR link -- IonNec - 24 May 2003

got rid of North Carolina, replaced admin volunteers by moderators -- IonNec - 19 May 2003

added paragraph on new codebase. Got rid of notification of active error. Question: get rid of North Carolina? -- IonNec - 10 Apr 2003

I would agree with getting rid of the North Carolina bit - it is useful but probably also that bit more confusing to the casual user who will wonder what NC has to do with the UK. An interesting point to notice is this article in the British Medical Journal this week which looked at the implementation of a new healthcare system in South Africa. Generically, the faults can be examined and applied to any computer system.

PS - apologies if this is inappropriate to place here - still learning the Twiki, but want to contribute!

-- MedicineMan - 20 Apr 2003

-- created this twiki page IonNec - 08 Apr 2003
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