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Shared Web Documents on the IMC UK portal

note: the most recent versions of these documents were included when imc uk mir went live in June 2003.

IMC UK is moving to MIR in May 03! (well, hopefully smile On 8 Apr 03, the technical side looks pretty good. Check the MIR UK test site or experiment with the test admin page.

UkMirWebDocs is designed to keep track of the contents of the shared files (mission statement, editorial guidelines, contact etc). Although I guess the main work will be done on the process list, it's good to have a tool to keep track of all the text versions.


  • draft are the versions where every Imc group involved in the MIR project are invited to edit, add comments etc. Please make a note of the changes you made at the end of the document.

  • status are up-to-date versions, ready to be proposed to the process list for uploading.

  • Stable Documents are archived versions which have been uploaded to Imc Uk. Please don't edit these documents.

Shared IMC UK Web Documents:

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