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This is somewhere to collect material regarding anti-semitism in relation to moderation decisions on the IMC UK site, this page was created following this suggestion.

See also, UkModeration, UkModerationDiscussion and UkModerationAtzmon.

A good starting point is the following zine which points out a lot of the issues in a very moderate way. 

Ilyan, I agree that the origins of the word anti-Semitism are in themselves a problem, but we are not really in a position to be re-defining terms; most people who hear the word are going to see it as being predominately focused on those who are Jewish, historical accuracy aside, so it is not going to be helpful to start messing around with technical definitions when that is not suitable for the arena in which these guidelines will have to come to play - we'd just end up having to explain what would appear to be idiosyncratic from the point of view of IMC UK. While some Jews may agree with the attitude of the communist Jew you cite, it is not really common currency.

I'm in discussion with others about doing a reader on Anarchism and Anti-Semitism at the moment so gathering up quite a few resources. Once I've catagorised them I'll post them here. But in the meantime something that an activist in Israel posted on this subjectand which may at as a starting point.
* Steer clear of all talk of "who started" and "whose actions are worse".

* Clarify early on that your end goal is a world without borders, weapons
and social classes.

* Be empathetic, not judgmental, towards irrational fears and historical

* Generalize the argument. I know it sounds quaint but this one works
surprisingly well: "In every country, rich and powerful minorities send
ordinary people to fear and kill each other, so they can't see who's
really oppressing them".

* Openly criticize your own country's government for its military action

* Express solidarity with the thousands of Israelis who oppose the

* Be very clear about opposing religious fundamentalism of all creeds.

From a lot of the reading I have been doing on this subject lately, is that how the Jewish people percieve Zionism, etc is very different from how the rest of the world do, and it is this lack of understanding of a deep cultural fear that leads to many of the charge of anti-semitism. Unfortunately, this is not actually much written about within activist circles. it does give me hope that there is a way through the thicket of cultural misunderstandings. smile

-- DonalODriscoll - 16 Jun 2010

Comment from Ilyan

Ilyan sent this by email because he had problems editing this page:

If the wiki had liked me or my password, I had a bit I could add about a Communist Jew at the time of Israel being founded, who was very adamant that anti semitism was against both Jews and Arabs. He thought the peace and security of Israel depended on Jews taking that view.

I do not know if he knew that few European Jews are of semitic origin. He was very astute and widely educated. A very rich Marxist.

I think that the Professor who originated the term might have known of the non semitic origin and enjoyed the double insult of calling non semitic Jews Arabs. There are of course semitic Jews to whom it should be no insult..

I think the term should not be used. It is an academic's artificial construct which does not differentiate the religion from the race. People should use terms that do.

UK / Local Editorial Decisions

A email to imc-uk-moderation:

this is a good example of a case where the UK and the local moderation policys differ, I have hidden it as discriminatory and innacurate:

- Protest/Action In Support Of Israel and Local Business (453180)
by [Bristol] Massada

It's a newswire article, which has been moved to Bristol's events wire, urging a counter-protest for pro-Israel supporters to disrupt Palestine Solidarity actions:

- Protest/Action In Support Of Israel and Local Business

It asserts that the Palestine Solidarity protests are "against local business that are owned by Jews", which I suspect is a fabrication.
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