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Moving to Mir

After 3 months of hardcore work, IMC UK has moved to MIR on 17 June. The startpage still looks rather messy, but is improving by the hour. The URL is To change articlestypes or admin the wire use the admin interface.

There is still a lot of things to do on the Mir site, for examply we need to manually transfer the UkStaticArchive pages that have not been in any database. A full list of many more things is listed in UkMirToDo.

UkMovingToMir collects information about the process and provides a collaborative working platform for the remaining tasks. Please note: So far, not many people are using Twiki. This Twiki page is not a decision making forum. But it provides a space to develop proposals for the network and process lists. Here are some guidelines on how to use the imc uk twiki.


  • UkMirRss syndication info and resources.

Preparing the Migration

  • How we got here a snapshot of the common ground and working practices from Apr 29 2003 (this have been turned into a wiki page, but where is it?).

  • UkMirWebDocs lets us discuss and work on the texts to go up on the new IMC UK portal. The page is designed to develop proposals amongst imc groups in the network, which then go to the process or network lists.

  • UkMirCommunication has a list of irc logs, minutes from network meetings could be added. Links to a page to prepare agendas.

  • Some outside feedback about the test site 1 | 2

migration process - workspaces

  • UkMirTimeline develops a timeline of things to do, to make the migration as smooth as possible for imc groups and users alike. It includes a list of tasks and irc weblogs.

  • UkMirDesign provides tools to interface between imc uk collectives/ techs/ designers/ admin people. It includes a wishlist.


During the second meeting of the "United Kollektives" (Lancester, 22/23 Feb 03 - minutes ), it was decided to move the IMC UK website from the old "Active" codebase to "MIR". The majority of the local IMC groups at the meeting are actively collaborating in the move from UkActiveToMir. Others have not yet decided or will go for a separate page. However, the new IMC UK site is set up to accommodate every imc group in the UK that are known to the network, if they decide to participate and are willing to contribute to general tasks.

The decision for a new codebase was taken because:

  • Old Code (Active) is getting old:
imc uk presently runs on the first indycode that was developped almost 4 years ago. The server for imc sites using "active" is overworked, so sometimes it goes on strike -> no access to the imc websites.

  • Mir is better for multimedia uploads

  • Regional imc pages can share one newswire and admin interface
indymedia uk is quickly developing into a network with many collectives in different cities. These new imc-groups want to run their own local pages. The new software MIR gives us this option, while we can reduce work considerably by sharing the tech and admin work - many people collaborating on one project rather than few people working on many different projects. On 8 Apr 03, the first version for regional uk indymedia pages was set up.

  • anything else?

-- IonNec - 10 Apr 2003

-- Changed url of the test site to ahimsa AndiE - 17 Apr 2003

-- added link to UkMirGrabYourArticles, rewrote - IonNec - 18 Apr 2003

-- changed url of the test site back to ahimsa [] - AndiE - 25 Apr 2003

-- added tasks to timeline IonNec - 05 May 2003

-- IonNec - 10 Jun 2003 - added intro for not-yet-involved guests. Changed attempted go-live date.

-- Added link to RSS page - ChrisC - 14 Jun 2003

-- Added To Do list - SocieteLibre - 18 Jun 2003

-- Changed wording a bit, started new page about style AnarchoBabe - 16 Jul 2003

-- Added link to common ground email -- ChrisC - 19 Aug 2003

-- Removed defunct ref to preperation site -- SpaceBunny - 01 Oct 2003

-- IonNec - 17 Nov 2003 started to re-structure, so that this page can eventually become a dynamic uk-mir documentation
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