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United Kollektives

Indymedia UK stands for "United Kollektives", we have dropped the "United Kingdom". This page gathers information about the United Kollektives.

The page will be refactored relentlessly as the network builds it self. Please make a note about your changes at the end of the page. Feel free.

Ressources of United Kollektives (uk)

Which imc uk groups are around, how do they collaborate with each other and the global Indymedia Network, what are their working practices, when and where are the next meetings and what are the current projects?

  • The contact page in the top navigation bar of the imc-uk website lists the imc groups that are part of the UK network.

  • UkNetworkAccount - wiki page of the breakdown of the shared bank account at Triodos bank

  • Snapshot of our working practices, Oct 03


  • UkNetworkMajorReports gathers together reports, recommendations and guides on covering major events and setting up physical media centres. Includes info from Climate Camp 06, Scotland G8 05, Evian G8, Dublin EU Mayday, DSEi arms fair and the European Social Forum (london), as well as international links.


  • UkNewImc How new imc groups can become part of the UK network. See also here

  • AhimsaUkLegal Resources about the legal background of the imc harddrive seizure in Oct 2004

Archive of network-building

Much of network building has been has been happening on email lists as well as face to face meetings, but also in co-operation of practical tasks in all parts of open co-operative direct action / alternative reporting. Here are a fair few links to emails on imc lists for starters. Feel free to add any that you found of use in network building process.

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