IMC UK Network Meeting 2010 Bristol

The meeting will take place on Saturday the 17th April at the Island, in the city centre, by Broadmead shopping centre, Silver Street, Bristol, BS1 2PY, directions, from 10am-6pm.

Having a ImcUk Network meeting in Bristol in February 2010 was proposed on 30th November 2009, the meeting is being discussed on the IMC UK Network list.

Last two meetings: Network Meeting 17/18th May 2008, London and Network Meeting 25th October 2008, Leeds

Date and venue

IMC Bristol have proposed Saturday the 17th April at the Island in Bristol from 10am-6pm.

The following tool should help make a decision on the date:

You need to create a username for yourself first and then vote. If you don't manage to "vote, please announce on the network list that you're trying, and what your user name is.

The weekend of 6/7th Febuary isn't good because it's the EF! Winter Moot, the weekend of 12th-14th February isn't good because it's the Camp for Climate Action gathering and also the start of half term for many, half term runs to the weekend 20th-21st February and this weekend could also be impossible for people with young children.

Who's coming

Name IMC / Region Accomodation requirements? Diet /other requirements?
plant based
Sophia (letyourlifesing)
crash space
crash space
crash space
crash space
Mike D
crash space
crash space
Crash space Saturday? ta.


The first thing on the agenda will be agreeing the agenda, agreeing who will be take notes of the discussions and who will facilitate the discussions.

The items below have been split into UK IMC Network items and items specific to the IMC UK site.

IMC UK Network

Clarity of subscribers to the UK lists.

(What does this mean?)

What is the IMC UK Network and what is its role?

Is a collective in it’s own right or is it an umbrella group whose purpose is to allow autonomous collectives to cooperate? This might help answer what we would like it to do.

How is the UK network organised?

Can anyone join and have a say? What is the best way of realising what we would like the network to be/do.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr

How should, if at all, Indymedia interface with the corporate open publishing sites? Should we push our content onto them, thus allowing our users to post to the corporate sites in an anonomised manner? Should we pull content off these sites? Should we try to ignore them? What do we think about commercialised open publishing sites, for example demotix?

Background discussions:

Northern Indymedia New IMC Application

See the thread on new-imc which started here.

Netiquette Guidelines

See UkNetiquette, to be agreed or rejected by the meeting. If more discussion is needed, hand back to the list and postpone to the next meeting.


The legal situation around the seizure and various issues from the imc-uk-legal list.

Syndicated frontpage for UK site

How What When Who Why?

There has been talk about having a syndicated frontpage since the (2008 meeting in Nottingham. See related wiki pages: UkIndymediaFrontPageSpec and UkAggregatedSite and samples of existing syndicated pages: UK Network Syndication, deveolped after the original agreement for a syndicated frontpage, Cop15 syndicated site, used during Cop15, Manchester syndication, proposal for Manchester area syndication.

The easiest way to do syndication for the front page would be to implement it in Mir, it might perhaps take as little as a dozen lines of code in producers.xml, an example Mir syndication site is and there are notes about how RSS elements could map to database fields on the UkAggregatedSite page. The redesign agreed in Nottingham is here:

UK Guest Features

SchNEWS guest features trial and Corporate Watch guest features.

United Kollectives / Other Local IMCs

The list on the UK front page titled United Kollectives, see this thread and the proposal from Chris.

Proposals to add links to the following sites in the Other Media Projects box on the IMC UK site:

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