UK Indymedia Meeting Bradford 2010

This meeting was held on 11th December 2010 in Bradford, see the page created prior to the meeting.

See original notes on UK Process List and the photo of the fork agreement from the meeting.

See also the statement that was read out on behalf of the group that wanted to continue running the UK Indymedia site and the document from Sheffield Indymedia which was handed out at the meeting.

In the meeting the two groups were described as and, these groups are now known as Mayday and BeTheMedia respectively.

meeting starts at 11:00 with about 18 people

decision accepted at 11:20:
Minute taker is minuting just the decisions that were made, and
consensus is shown by handsigns on each of them.

written on the board at 11:22:
1 Intro > Group agreement
2 What can we achieve as a network?
3 What are strenghts + dificulties
4 What can we do to address there? What might happen to the network?

facilitator at 11:40:
asks how many people will be here on sunday: 7 people will not be there

decision agreed at 11:51:
Decide later (after point 4) what further agenda points to prioritize
and which agenda points can be discussed on sunday?

written on the board:
Talk about behaviour not individuals
Actively listen
Future focus
Sticking to hand signals
Stay on topic
Take responsibility
Be fair
Let people speak
Stay on topic
Don't sneer, raise voices, interrupt, abusive or prejuidice language,
laugh at people, be agressive.

decision agreed at 12:27:
The list of above is something that we try, but there should be some
kind of accountability if people are not achieving it.

decision at 14:29:
New IMC, domain names, aggregator discussed at this order until 17:00,
then discussion on the network

decision at 16:22:
park discussion about whether and how summarized perspectives go into
the notes

For the purpose of this meeting and these notes GroupA  are the people
have been organizing on the uk-collectives list in the last month. Group
B are other UK collectives.

decision agreed at 18:59:
We accept to archive, and and as static html  with a banner on
top of each page that says along the gist of  "this a archived version
of the site For a active version of this page go to <>,
there is also the aggregator at <>.
There will be splash page at / that links to the archive site, site and
We agree that henceforth noone can call themselve Indymedia UK, UK
network and UK collective anymore.
We agree that it's great that there is a national site, and that goes
through new imc with a different site and name , and others go on with
their projects
For regional sites there is a redirect at the disgression at the
individual  regions
Some subdomains can can stay at the domain (These needs to be
listed, e.g.
We set a deadline for the swap.
All page names with mir and open-mir will link to
Technical issues, deadline etc to be sorted out afterwards.

decison at 19:06:
All email lists will be archived

decision at 19:07:
We will not worry about

decision at 19:16:
All the tech discussion take place on imc-uk-tech list and all  process
on imc-uk-process lists. Both lists are open for everybody and openly

decison at 19:18:
Everything has to be done by the first of May, but should be done earlier.

decisions at 20:15:
* ask Mr. D to withdraw the new imc application temproratily to amend it
* announce the decision as a "fork" (as in software develoment) instead
of a "split"
* the server traven goes to group A
* however can get the server strummer back from the cops can keep it
* issue to be discussed on the tech list: servers, wiki pages, hardware
stewardship, domain stewardship, apache rules
* we mutually agree on a anouncement in a few sentences in short time
* issue to be discussed on the process list: splash page content &
banner, domain names, archiving lists, explaining the decision to
others, archiving the mailing lists, notifying global network
* domain name stewardship will be dealt with in a technical manner (e.g.
through a git repository)
* The estimated value of the server traven is deducted from the bank
account and goes to group Band the remainder is split 50/50 between
group A and B. (consented with one stand aside)

decision at 20:16:
group B is having a meeting tomorrow, and will not take decisions that
concern A

decision at 20:17:
no facilitaion will ne needed tomorrow

decison at 20:19:
a photo can be taken of the paper on the floor

decison at 20:28
after the notes were read and amended they were agreed at 20:28 and they
will be send to both imc-uk-tech and imc-uk-process

-- MaRa - 31 Jan 2011
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