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Since imc-uk now consists of many groups and IMCs (websites) it's time to adjust our documents according to the situation that we have right now. Majority of the people are still based in London, but by no means all. As well, it's not the single group any more that works on it. Isn't it time that all of that gets reflected on ALL imc-uk documentation, including web pages, email list introductions and outreach documents. This tool (twiki) can help us to do so in a manner that is easier to follow and more colaborative by the deafult then an email list is. I hope we use it well. ToniP

  • List of IMC UK Web Documents:

    • Intro text above publish form web page (howto-publish.html): old versions 1, 2 | current version

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Added the features list link to mail if any changes relating to features are proposed, and the option to incorporated the option to change the Editorial Guidelines Page, see mail-- AndiE - 30 Aug 2002

Added the features listinfo change suggested by -- RichardMalter, see mail-- AndiE - 04 Sep 2002

Added the Intro text above publish form, as a debate started on the features list in sept02. -- AndiE - 06 Sep 2002

Added the current versions of Contacts, Editorial Guidelines, intro on Publish as they appear on IMC UK on 08 Apr 2003. Changed features "new" to "proposal Sep 03 Changed names of old versions to make name format coherent. Old names not deleted. Added Link to UkMirWebDocs. -- IonNec - 08 Apr 2003
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