"Indymedia Ukraine" Editorial Policy

The main section of the Indymedia Ukraine website is represented by the middle column that contains the latest events, announcements, opinions, and essays, with a special interest in global movements and actions worldwide (in the veins of PGA worldwide integration). The editorial team will actively pursue and select content for this column, making decisions collectively. In the future development of Indymedia Ukraine, we would like to develop separate 'tabs' for the center column, the first dedicated to the traditional relay of news and events, a second tab dedicated to 'constructive alternatives' existing within Ukraine and worldwide, and the third dedicated to a forum of ideas and discussion points, information on global policies, and educational references, i.e. alternative websites and contacts with activist groups worldwide. We would also like to place particular emphasis on culture, both in the respect of resistance to corporate culture, as well as the preservation of all-inclusive, humanitarian culture through artwork and poetry. We may not necessarily devote a place to this desire, but at least have some explicit encouragement built into the page design, which may be modified at a later time.

The right-hand column of the site is a newswire open to everyone (Open Publishing Newswire). Through the O.P. channel, Indymedia is intended to represent more than the work of a closed editorial team and to stimulate the participation of those visiting the site to become directly involved by posting from the browser their own articles, photos, and audio and video materials. The editorial team will read this newswire in order to select interesting news that can be added to the central column.

Since Indymedia Ukraine promotes freedom of expression and is opposed to censorship based on our mission statement, we will also monitor the open newswire in order to filter out:

1. any materials that violate other people's rights or censor other people's free expression by discriminating against individuals based on nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender or sexual preference;

2. articles or messages whose content might not discriminatory, but which come from organizations or individuals whose mission and goals are in fundamental conflict with ours (because they promote ethnic hatred, homophobia, religious discrimination, gender-based discrimination, etc);

3. messages that incite to violence or are strictly personal attacks, outbursts, or uncontrolled reactions.

We will also eliminate from the open newswire those materials which

4. contain for-profit publicity;

5. are endorsed by the central organs of political parties (articles affiliated with political parties will be judged by content rather than author);

6. we received two (or multiple) copies of.

At the same time, we reserve the right to edit texts when they contain:

i. broken links;

ii. diacritics, grammatical or translation errors, and format problems

which we can fix.

By contrast to corporate media, we want to keep the editorial process as transparent as possible and also to publicly assume responsibility for our editorial decisions. For this reason, the rejected messages will be transfered to a separate publicly-accessible page called "trash can" accompanied by a succinct explanation as well as the archive of the discussions by the editorial team regarding the choice to not include them on the open newswire.

It is possible that we will revise this editorial policy if problems related to the content of the open publishing newswire will make it necessary that we clarify or modify certain details.

(Adopted and slightly modified from IMC Romania Editorial Policy)

-- AaLa - 15 Nov 2005
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