Declaration of Indymedia Ukraine

Mission Statement

Various Ukrainian activist groups have united to form Indymedia Ukraine.

Ukraine is a diverse society, with groups of conflicting political persuasions, cultures, and languages, which nonetheless share many common problems. Indymedia Ukraine can become the informational space for dialogue about what unites rather than divides.

Indymedia Ukraine presents an interactive space for information about social struggles towards a world of freedom, cooperation, fairness, and solidarity, against ecological destruction, exploitation, racism, and any form of oppressing identity, collectivity, or culture.

We understand Indymedia as an independent and alternative informational web of collectives immediate media-streams for the making of radical, precise, and passionate expressions of resistance to a hegemonic world and constructiveness towards a cooperative one.

Our work is inspired by love and people who are constructing a better world, fighting for a better world, in opposition to the falsities and biases conveyed in mass media, reflecting the struggles to free humanity.

An Independent Media Center was created by different independent and alternative media organizations and activists 1999 with the goal to bring to light and explore protests against WTO in Seattle, USA. IMC created unfettered, free informational field for journalists, and proposed immediate coverage, audio and video material through a website. Through decentralized and autonomous web thousands of activists created IMCs in London, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Prague, France, Italy in 2000. Now, IMCs are found in every continent, in many countries.

Indymedia Ukraine will function as a web of independent and alternative information, presenting open and non-commercial coverage, spreading grassroots information relating to social and political themes. Indymedia Ukraine aims to support the work of already existing alternative structures and activists, present to them access to express their actions and ideas and hopefully, stimulate the rise and integration of new activists and networks. Indymedia Ukraine aims to reflect the reality of the country\x92s situation, showing protests of alternative social movements. Indymedia Ukraine can also serve as the unifying network among activist groups, to facilitate the sharing of ideas and strategies in solidarity to form common actions. For all participants, this is also a possibility to learn about corporate globalization, expand the horizons of social consciousness, explore the roots of oppression and exploitation, as well as the life of resistance in the country and the world. It also brings about the opportunity to express our resistance and be heard throughout the country and the world.

Today, especially there is a need for Indymedia Ukraine, since:

1. The majority of actions representing social leftist activities, protests and alternative projects are not shown in the mass media, and activists do not have a collective platform to express their actions and ideas.

2. The government of Ukraine is actively pursuing integration into the European Union and accession into the WTO, as part of the expansion of capitalistic globalization. However, many people have little understanding about what these moves may entail for the country and its relation with the world. Therefore, we feel that Ukraine requires the political space to discuss and organize alternatives.

We consider it necessary to declare and commit to the following principles in the process of Indymedia Ukraine, adopted from the network of Peoples\x92 Global Action (PGA):

1. A very clear rejection of capitalism, imperialism and feudalism; all trade agreements, institutions and governments that promote destructive globalization;

2. We reject all forms and systems of domination and discrimination including, but not limited to, patriarchy, racism and religious fundamentalism of all creeds. We embrace the full dignity of all human beings.

3. A confrontational attitude, since we do not think that lobbying can have a major impact in such biased and undemocratic organizations, in which transnational capital is the only real policy-maker;

4. A call to direct action and civil disobedience, support for social movements' struggles, advocating forms of resistance which maximize respect for life and oppressed peoples' rights, as well as the construction of local alternatives to global capitalism;

5. An organizational philosophy based on decentralization and autonomy

Aside from the PGA hallmarks, we also enumerate the following principles:

Anticapitalism Signifies our intolerance of a system of economic exploitation in any form and at every level, both national as well as international. Capitalism steals from the human being individual and collective harmony by creating slaves to money and commodities, divides people and plants egoism. Capitalism is cruel and inhuman and contradicts freedom, justice, and solidarity in the development of peoples.

Antifascism Signifies our intolerance of any form of xenophobia, racist and nationalist hatred and exclusivity. We reject right radicalism, national extremism in any form. People of the world share problems and misery caused by globalization of capital and turning the planet into a junkyard. Resistance to these processes should not divide people and races but unite them in the face of common threats, to preserve individuality, local culture, and collective harmony, in the name of humanity, freedom and solidarity.

Anti- Corporate Globalization We oppose exploitation of the planet and of people for profit, oppose turning the planet into one factory to the benefit of the ruling financial and political elite. We do not want to be the slaves on the planet\x92s plantations of neoliberalism. We do not want to live in the ghetto of capitalism and serve the 1% of the population with our labor and support their riches and privileges. We do not want to turn our planet into a garbage dump, through which peoples rummage, robbed of their identities. We do not want centralization from the top, hierarchical, or authoritarian. We do not want global capitalism. We want unity from below, freely, with mutual respect, and autonomous. We do not support a world-wide empire, but for a federalization of peoples, free, diverse, in mutual support, and equal in their collaboration and pursuit of peace.

Activism We are for constructing such a world with our own hands, for the coming together of people to resolve our own problems, to unite all socially active people and groups sharing common goals and making this world better in terms of fairness and freedom, for the converging and collaborating of groups and activists, making realistic contributions to the struggle by their actions.

Solidarity Active improvement of the world would be impossible without contact with like-minded people, without the sharing of experience and collective reaction to events, as well as global actions. We are for mutual support and solidarity among groups of the whole world and with all strength will act by this.

Openness We consider the goal of Indymedia to give the possibility of expression and sharing of the experiences of all people and groups, which are under-represented in the media. We are open for dialogue and will put efforts into uniting activists who share the principles of Indymedia Ukraine.

Anti-politicalness Indymedia Ukraine will not be the arena of political battles or debates of official politics and parties. However, while material endorsed by the central organs of political parties will be filtered out, articles pertaining to relevant issues will be judged by content, rather than by author.

Ecology We want a world where the resources of the planet are distributed reasonably, where the planet, nature, and people have the primal value and rather than being exploited are harmoniously developed, so that Earth and its life-forms can develop as flowering gardens and not worn-out land.

We think globally, considering the whole planet, but understand that it will take both active battle on the local level by the people themselves, as well as global communication and solidarity, to bring about these goals.

We will make history ourselves and make our lives better!

-- AaLa - 15 Nov 2005 (Posted the above Mission Statement)
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