NEW \x96 IMC Form: Indymedia Ukraine

Proposed IMC Name (required): Indymedia Ukraine

Proposed Indymedia URL (required):

Current URL (if any):

City: various cities (Kiev, Donetsk, ...)

Country: Ukraine

Contact Name (required): Alisa, Anton, Tanya, Karina, Vova, Andrei, Taras, Dmitri

Email (required):

Phone: N/A

Technical Contact Name: Dmitri


Phone: N/A

Regional Focus? yes, Ukraine

Supporting Groups:

\x93R-KAS\x94 (Revolutionary Konfederation of Anarchists-Syndicalists in the name of Nestor Makhno) \x96 tanya, sergei, \x93Redskins \x96 Autonomous Anti-Fascists\x94- mihail, \x93Rainbow Keepers\x94 \x96 Nadya, Irina, \\x94 \x96karina, andrei, \\x94 \x96 anna, \x93Critical Mass\x94 \x96 karina, \x93Indymedia Livejournal\x94 \x96andrea, \x93Objectivnaya Realnost\x94 \x96taras, anastasia, \x93Mediafront\x94 \x96 taras, jhenya, \\x94 \x96 volodymyr, \x93Gorod Sonsa\x94 (Village of Sun) \x96 tanya, \x93Russia-IMC\x94 \x96 magduv,

Please write an introductory statement about why you want to participate in the Indymedia Network.

* Ukraine is a diverse society, with conflicting political persuasions, cultures, and language, while sharing many common problems. Indymedia Ukraine can become the informational space for dialogue about what unites rather than divides people. As nationally and worldwide, the resistance to the monoculture and single economy of globalization is becoming more strongly connected. * Indymedia Ukraine presents an interactive space for information about social struggles towards a world of freedom, cooperation, fairness, and solidarity, against ecological destruction, exploitation, racism, and any form of oppressing identity, collectivity, or culture. * We understand Indymedia as an independent and alternative informational web of collectives providing immediate media-streams for the making of radical, precise, and passionate expressions of resistance to a hegemonic world and constructiveness towards a cooperative one. * Indymedia Ukraine would be an empowering platform to unify individuals and collectives from the many corners of Ukraine, give them a window of dialogue and sharing with various worldwide movements, while empowering internal organization that brings together isolated activist groups. It will also create the political space to share ideas and discuss alternatives to corporate globalization that is quickly transforming the country, as well as invite individuals to be part of the cooperative building of a democratic and non-hierarchical social alternative that the Indymedia Ukraine collective will try to create within its framework.

What kind of resources can you contribute, in terms of server/bandwidth/technical and organizing skills?

* We can contribute only organizing skills at the moment.

What kind of outreach have you done to bring together a diverse group of people?

* Individuals and groups we knew (from different cities in Ukraine) were invited to several meetings in Kiev and Donetsk. * We attempted to reach a wider group than those we already knew through announcements on other mailing lists (for journalists, activists, artists). * Further outreach will be done once the site is launched for people to contribute to newswire and become involved in editorial process. * We have created a working group with its own list: Ukraine-v-narod(at), for the purpose of getting more people involved through various outreach campaigns.

How does the makeup of your collective reflect the diversity of the local community (e.g. in relation to gender-, sexual-, spiritual-, and/or cultural-identity)?

* Our collective has six moderators and 13 members of the general list. It unites various activist groups and individuals from Donetsk and Kiev, and different social spheres within Kiev, so it is quite diverse in that respect. It has both Ukrainian and Russian speaking members, which speaks of the varying cultural identity. It also involves students, journalists, artists, social workers, and individuals who have considered themselves social or media activists for many years, as well as people who come with little experience but great enthusiasm. The group does consist mostly of men, at this time, with only 2 out of the 6 moderators being women. But the general membership of 13 is just about split down the middle between men and women. Furthermore, the group involves individuals of various genders and sexual orientations, as well as supporting organizations of that nature.

If your group currently does not represent the diversity of the local community, particularly in relation to groups who are underrepresented in mainstream society and denied access to vehicles of expression, what steps will be taken to address this on an ongoing basis?

* We would like to use the website and other means to outreach and solicit participation from under- and mis-represented groups, not least of all through the decisions we make about what content we publish on the site and to whom various announcements and invitations will be made. * Our \x93outreach group\x94 is actively preparing campaigns to map various regions of Ukraine and make contact with new people.

What steps will be taken to involve individuals in work fields new to them? What measures will be taken to overcome a gendered work division?

* We hope that strong communication through the lists and in meetings will help introduce people to new work fields and empower them to try new ways of participating while acquiring new skills. Raising this issue of work division regularly at the larger meetings will hopefully stimulate more equal participation, as opportunities to vary work-roles will be made readily available.

-- AaLa - 15 Nov 2005
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