Urban Creativity Around Oceania

This is a project of ImcOceania to create a collaborative video documentary about creative and radical interventions upon urban space around Oceania. This includes activities from performance and public art to graffiti and billboard redecoration.

contributions: would be good to get footage and interviews from manila, aotearoa [dunedin, wellington at least] melbourne, perth, sydney, brisbane, northern territory, alice springs? more?

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UrbanCreativityOceaniaMeetings - IRC and other meetings

UrbanCreativityOceaniaProposal - the evolving proposal

UrbanCreativityOceaniaLogistics - information on how we are organising and important dates

UrbanCreativityOceaniaResources - useful information and links related to the project.

UrbanCreativityOceaniaIdeas - possible things to look at, people to talk to, events to be at ...

UrbanCreativityOceaniaInterviews - some questions to include when we interview people


Add your name and any resources you have access to.

Clare (NZ) - enthusiasm

Finn (NZ) - computer suitable for DV editing (needs a bigger harddrive though) can get cheap/free access to a TV quality DV camera. I've also got lots of (possibly) interesting footage in citys.

Pabs (Perth) - enthusiasm

allan (perth) - audio skillz

gdm (Sydney) - enthusiasm, some video editing software and a suitable computer, plus i've been making some good contacts at the TINA festival in newcastle.

kimk (brisbane.anarchy) - primarily audio and some video editing. one chip camera, mini disc recorder, digital still camera. connections to various activist groups including animal rights da, green, anti-nuke, refugee, women's and other independent activists in brisbane. lotsa interviewing experience.

Heidi (hobart) - two 3ccd video camera, one single chip mini dv camera, laptop and desktop edit suite with fcp pro and dvd studio pro. connections to tasmanian filmmakers and graff art culture, and environmentalists coming out of my ears

Sylvie (sydney) - enthusiasm


An interesting idea that could be part of it might be the evolution of a wall as it gets painted over and then graffed again and again.

-- PaulWise - 20 Mar 2004

yes indeed pabs - a vital project. perhaps this would be a good place to start documenting empties and the transient street art thats appearing more and more. i wonder what sorta stuffs going on in places like manila and jakarta? looking to do another one here in perth soon anyway... and theres mob doing stuff called the community. i should contact them.

can we upload pix here at all?

-- SuburbanCasualty - 27 Mar 2004

yeah, documenting the creation of empties and documentings ones we find would be an essential part of this doco I think.

indeed you can upload pics etc, just click the attach link at the top

-- PaulWise - 27 Mar 2004
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