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About me

  • Nickname: Alster
  • IRC nickname: Alster
  • Email addresses:
  • Local IMC: Germany
  • GPG key:
    Fingerprint: 55A9 A530 06D4 8C7C 7CBC 7C98 4F39 0F83 3B40 44FD Download Signatures.
    Please note that has inherent problems (keys stored there once cannot be updated later). I therefore recommend against using
  • SILC key:
    Fingerprint (SHA1): BD01 C974 9A2E B22D A705 BF63 450C 4ECF 85F1 7987,
    Babbleprint (SHA1): xozeb-cadal-guked-visad-tonub-hyzak-facyb-syfas-zecyz-cuvum-lexex
  • Who I am:
    I'm a politically and technically interested person living in a city in northern Germany. I was born in late 1970's. Alster is a river which flows through Hamburg, a city in northern Germany which I used to live in. The Alster river has been abused by red-wingers as an identification symbol in past local elections. Hopefully I can add a little in correcting the image of this - otherwise most lovable - river by using this name.

Stuff I'm working on

  • IMC Germany - - Reading and writing on mailing lists, sometimes contributing news, too
  • IMC Communication - random ranting and spamming a huge world-wide group of activists
  • IMC Tech - I try to follow the mailing list and sometimes comment or even contribute if I can't hold back
  • Listwork - I'm one of the server administrators of sarai, Indymedias' main mailing list and mail server.
  • IMC Docs - I'm one of the few server administrators, and a AdminGroup member.
  • IRCd - I'm one of the server administrators and an IRC operator.
  • SoS - Bertagaz setup a wonderful request/response ticketing system we call 'Save our Systems' and I tend to pretend to have helped him with that
  • Dispatch Working Group - This was meant to be a group to work out ways to improve the dispatch process used by IMCs. Due to lack of people who got invlved and time they could spend on it it is no longer maintained.
  • input - The INdymedia News Production UTility is an implementation of a dispatch system which arose out of the work of the Dispatch Working Group. It's still our idea to get this improved and make it a mature dispatch system which is still and will remain to be needed by IMCs on most planets along the milky way (and possibly beyond it).

Stuff I'd like to work on if I had indefinite time

  • Improving / rewriting the Contact DB AKA IMC Database in means of
    • user-friendlyness, i.e. improving the user interface,
    • currentness of codebase (PHP 4/5 instead of PHP 3)
    • current HTML code (possibly XHTML 1.x and CSS 2)
    • extended functionality:additional user and group levels, IMC regions, increased search options, search speedup, bulk mailing selectable IMCs, many more, see imc-commwork mailing list archives, tracker for this project and ImcDatabase)
    • security (get rid of register_globals, check for html/DB injection and cross site scripting vulnerabilities, restrict access to https only etc.)
  • Collecting information on and possibly implementing a Short Messaging Service (SMS) reporting system. There are several approaches and implementations for this and similar approaches to reporting from mobile devices already. See Stuff I find interesting below.

Some code

  • Privacy
  • Un*x Utilities
    • Searching files for specific content
    • neardrat: NEARDRAT (NEtwork Abuse Report DRafting Tool), helps drafting network abuse reports

Stuff I find interesting

AKA my personal bookmarks
  • Mobile devices frontends to Indymedia

Some entertainment

Intel's first Trusted Computing chipset has just arrived.

Some other formats and sizes...

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