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during my involvement with IMC, i have become more and more interested in the process by which the open media centres operate - as well as trying to maintain my initial interest in features writing and producing a good/high quality source of news. particularly, i am interested in negotiations, concensus and dissent, conflicts and resolution, and how decisions are made overall. to this end, i am trying to document some of my thoughts - however, it should be noted these pages are kinda old and events have now superceded them (see imc-process april 2005 archives):

  • ConcensusThoughts - ultimately, having worked on this a bit, i would like to take this to the wider indymedia community for further input and discussion. initially, though, it has started from discussion with ClarA and AndMelb.

  • NetWorkOld - here, some thoughts on what actually the network is. there's lots of background resources to link to and i hope also that this will become a dynamic history of what is happening.

i guess that both of the above ideas i developed further in a paper i wrote during 2005 and have placed on the ImcEssayCollection page.

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