Background Info:

  • Name: Guamanian
  • Email:
  • Local IMC: Formerly with Victoria IMC, I am now a ronin IMC-ista.

I continue to work on an individual basis on the following projects:

Project Links:

The ImcEssayCollection. Please email me if you know the URL of a research paper or essay that should be added to the collection.

Archive Links:

I am no longer actively working on the following projects:

The BasicEditorialPolicy, a workspace for writing a basic editorial policy that many IMCs may wish to consider as a template. See the backgrounder/summary for more information on this project.

Newswire Defense Manual:

This proposed companion manual to 'Censorship In Times of Netwar' was intended to be a tactical guide to defending your Newswire from social Netwar attacks. As I'm no longer active in a local IMC, I've decided not to complete this manual: security threats and appropriate responses continually evolve, so much what I know will no longer be applicable. I'll leave the partial outline posted, since it may still be a useful framework for thinking about some aspects of IMC security, particularly with regards to troll attacks:

Newswire Defense: A Netwar Perspective: How to defend your newswire against common Netwar attacks

Why Netwar?

  • A Second Perspective

  • Limits and Cautions on the Netwar metaphor

Strategy (Editorial = Strategy)

  • Who is your audience?

  • Editorial Policy

  • Quality Policy

  • Noise-to-Signal effects on usability

  • Information Dominance

  • Effects on user site perception

Tactics (Admin = Tactics)

  • Terrain: 30 boxes

  • Classic Newswire

  • Segmented Newswire

  • 'War of Position' - Promoted | Visible | Hidden | Deleted

Troll Attacks

  • Defining a troll

  • Tolerance limits

  • Defence measures

  • Admin deletion

  • Trolltrap [with PHP Code sample]

  • Trollblocker [with PHP Code sample]

Spam Barrages

  • Flood attacks [Single-IP Troll Attacks]

  • Swarm attacks [Coordinated Multi-IP Troll Attacks]

Landmemes: Destabilization Attacks

  • Textual landmemes

  • Graphic landmemes

False Flag Attacks

  • Title Dissonance

  • Stalking Horse

Cloaked Content Insertion

  • Link Infiltration [i.e. Links to fascist sites as payload in an unrelated carrier story]

  • Planted Evidence [i.e. bomb-making instructions or death threat 'hidden' in a long post]

  • Bandwidth Suction Attacks [i.e. planting and linking to large rich-media files, such as feature length films, to encourage excessive bandwidth usage. Used successfully to attack IMCs in Italy, which were stuck with multi-terabyte bandwidth bills.]

-- GuamaniaN - 26 Sep 2006
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