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Open editing Article on instituting Open Editing into Indymedia written in 2002!

Anarcho Geek on Open Editing

Article ratings on Indymedia Article ratings are implemented on
Dada IMC

The IndyMedia Ratings System a (brief?) overview by Gilad Buzi \x96 IMC-Tech \x96 IMC-Editorial - September 2000

Rating for Features


ggg Meta Moderation

Meta Moderation at Slashdot


Hows this relate to Indymedia Ireland, Independent Media in Ireland, Next micro steps

blaa, indymedia needs to (force) itself to look at itself on a more regular basis... <p. needs to integrate with global indymedia more by looking at the new imc rules and taking part in the international discussions...

tech vs human
Virtual vs real

needs to say we're nto the only ones doing it

-- PaulCummins - 05 Jan 2005
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