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Hi - I'm Duncan

I 'fell' into activism in '99 with a brief arrest during an occupation over university fees and went on from there (avoiding further arrests though). Enjoyed helping build the Anti War Coalition after S11 - now defunct and replaced by GPJA.

I've studied Architecture and hope to begin a Masters in Environmental Architecture soon. I'm hoping for residency in Denmark with my wife.

My main interest is in making it easy for people to have their voices heard and to get good-quality information and analysis. As an English for foreigners teacher and architecture graduate I have a special interest in making the design of things easy for people to interface with.

rovin - for indy work
Duncan - for general stuff (remove the '.imc')

  • I'm getting back onto these lists (with dlit010 at yahoo dot co dot nz):

imc-aotearoa-ed | imc-aotearoa-tech | imc-auckland | wiki | imc-aotearoa-features |

  • Global:
imc-process, wiki | imc-tech-coord, wiki | Oceania? | volunteer, wiki |

  • I was on these lists:
imc-wellington |
  • Global
imc-commwork, wiki | vote | resolve, wiki | imc-documentation |

imc-summaries | imc-summaries-wg, wiki ---

My list of things to do:

Go through this list tidying up my pages

From here on is out of date:


review the changes and get back involved


Start discussion about a code of conduct for f2f meetings. email results to


Sort out the Aotearoa.Outreach pages
DONE - Add stuff from the site into AimPromo
DONE - Read changes to FeaturePol and EditorialPol13
DONE - add Set ALLOWTOPICRENAME = < list of users and groups > into key pages DONE - Set up and sort out the access setting for ImcAotearoaGroup


DONE - Add navigation to all pages.

Principles of Unity PoUdiscussion with ToniP


HOLD - Set up and sort out the access setting for ImcResolveGroup


cat membership links
cat charter
abc of communist anarchism
chomsky on anarchism

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--- --- Done list:
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