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At the semi-annual meeting of IMC Switzerland, we have decided to donate a server in switzerland to the global network. Especially for new IMCs located in Africa, as well to (preferred due to legal situations) NON-EU IMCs. However the new IMC Toscana will also be located on this server.

Presentation text of new server projet


IMC Switzerland bought the server. However there is money needed to pay for the connection and the place to host, so the friendly technical project, don't have to pay everything on their own. The people which host the server would be happy to get around 1000 CHF (~650 Euro) a year if not really much bandwith is used, however if they then have to increase their bandwith because of this server, they would be happy to get as well more money. Anyway they are happy for all the money they get, as it is a 100% volunteer based technical project. IMC Switzerland agreed at their meeting to organise this amount of money, as well to try to ask the international financial list to share the costs after the first year. However IMC Toscana which later joined this project as well agreed to organise some money to pay for the connection.

Technical stuff

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Technical Description

  • 1U Rackmount Server (435(W) x 662(D) x 42.8(H) mm)
  • 1U 400W EPS 1U PFC power supply
  • ATI\xAE Rage XL graphics controller with 8MB Video SDRAM
  • Back Panel: 1 x PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse port / 1 x RJ45 Serial / 2 x RJ45 / 2 x USB ports
  • INTEL XEON 2.4 (Hypertreating aka Hyperthreating aka Hyper-Threating) x2
  • IDE-Raid: Promise Dual Channel ATA-100 PDC20277 or PDC20276
    • MAXTOR 6Y160P0 (= 160 GB) x2
  • 3.5" Slimline Floppy Disk
  • SAMSUNG CD-RW/DVD-ROM (SN-324B) Slimline
  • KINGSTON Low-Profile Server-Memory 1 GB (an Motherboard angepasst) x4

The server will be placed in a colocation-center in switzerland in a rack by some friends of indymedia.

Technical Collective

We need to build a technical collective to administrate the server. This should contain local technical skilled people which will have physical access to the server, as well any other technical skilled people which could help to administrate the different parts of the server. (See technical concept)

Technical Concept

  • server running a Gentoo Hardened SELinux with Xen
    • each xen-guest is representing a specific setup (means a static mirror-xen, a drupal-xen, a mir-xen, etc.)
    • Dom0 (the host) is sharing it's /usr/portage with all the xen-guest via nfs. The xen-guests are not mounting them directly
    • all the web traffic is directed through a reverse-squid proxy, so we can use one ip-address for all different xens
    • on most xens SELinux is disabled, however it would be nice if we can enable them

Initial Proposal

NeGu (ng) is proposing the following concept, please comment:

  • on the Server we install a Gentoo based hardened SELinux system with XEN Support. This will only server the local NFS-Server and (maybe) a rsync server. See LVM on cryptsetup LUKS.
  • For every special type of softwares (only mirroring, mir systems, php systems) we will have gentoo based hardened non-selinux (or other?) xen-guests, which main storage will be mounted from the local NFS server introduced by the the Domain0.

I agree with this proposition! [elfo]


Hosted Sites

Contact info


Please subscribe to the list: (


there is a channel #bolobolo on, please join it if you're having problems...


there is a silc channel (bolobolo) on some silc network. Use server or to connect.
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