Tech (but not only) proposal from switzerland-tuscany

Hi all! This mail has been written with the consensus of bolobolo tech lists subscribers.
Few months ago Switzerland and Tuscany activists of the indymedia network decided to donate a new server to the global imc network because imc tuscany will need a new home and imc switzerland thought that they could help out with the current bottleneck of servers due to the loss of various systems.
In tuscany there's a group of activists trying to complete a process for a new network node (that should be and in switzerland they are carrying on their project(s).
We now have a new server managed in this mailing list:
Thanks to some tech work, the server is now ready (here you can read more tech news about bolobolo server: .
The server is located in Europe and therefor it will mainly host only non-european imcs.
But we want this to be a political project and not only a technical stuff. What we would like to do is to share the server with new Africaans and Asian imcs that would need a place to stay. We want to host imcs from africa and/or asia, to renforce the network by this kind of cooperation. So if some imc, working in these continents, has some problem with finding and managing a server, here we are! and will stay on this server too. Both Tuscany and Switzerland will pay the cost for the housing of the box and the bandwidth, as well they had bought the hardware.
However, we are happy about any kind of donations, so that we might ask for some money to the global finance working group in the future.
If you are intersted in this project, write an e-mail to bolobolo list (bolobolo-tech at , that is even the place where we can share techincal knowledges about the server configuration and such things) or jump in #bolobolo-tech on the indymedia irc network.
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