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Info for Sodor and new server projects in Buffalo, New york

  • Note: Sodor is colocated with Dissent, indyserver in Buffalo, New York USA.

  • Sodor currently hosts buffalo-imc using old Active, additionally it hosts mail and local websites as well.

Buffalo received three "new" servers on Jan 24th. Here is the current "plan" to their deployment: 1 x dell power edge 2300: 50gb (scsi raid) with 2x 400mhz ppro 1gb ram.

Currently exploring Redhat install with plans to replace SODOR which has been degrading due to more than 4 years of use. With Sodor upgrade, buffalo will migrate to newe codebase (TBD) and enable webmail for all hosted sites on Dissent as well as locally hosted sites.
1x dell power edge 2300: 50gb (scsi raid). Currently we are shopping for ppro slot 1 processors (pii 450) to deploy this server.

This server will be deployed as an indyserver and will house the migration of all the sites currently on Dissent (which is a dell dimension 733 with a single 33gb scsi drive. Additionally, if we can land more/larger scsi hard drives we will be able to host more imc projects such as the video project being developed.
1x Compaq proliant 7000. This unit arrived with 2 x 200mhz socket 8 processors and 1gb of edo ram. Currently the drives/cages are being put together and we have located more socket 8 processors. This indeed is a work in progress.

We anticipate being able to use this as a "hot" raided backup for all of the IMC's. In addition to the above, we have a Unisys raid array that has 6 decks of 7 drives each (currently all 4gb). Essentially this should keep us in hard drive space for years to come.
Buffalo's servers are hosted on a full t-1 thru local ISP with 5 ip addresses. Additionally, we have backup DNS with a server we maintain for a local office. The servers are located at 100 South Elmwood Avenue on the second floor in a cooperative arrangement with the local office of the New York Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and a local attorney who is a memeber to the NYCLU legal committee.

Want to help? (where "at" sub @) info at
Tech list for dissent administrations is located at: *

-- JohnC - 30 Jan 2004
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