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This is a little guide for people who would like to have a look around for server and colocations for the indymedia network. Techs are busy, so please help us with creating a huge network of non-comercial service providers. There is a real need for it.

Setup a working group with people from all over the network and keep track of all the contacts and offers.

Reach Out

  • Find Colocations
  • Get in contact
  • Write and Publish Donation and Help Calls
  • Collect Money

What we need

  • colocation, 1U,2U,4U rack space where we can plug in our servers
  • free bandwidth
  • cheap bandwidth
  • dedicated servers
  • complete server hardware (>800Mhz, >40G HD, >512RAM)
  • money


  • Request Informations
  • Organize the Donations and Money Transfers

What we need to know

  • Server Location
  • Line Speed (DSL, 1Mbit, 10Mbit, 100Mbit, Gbit)
  • Server Specifications (CPU Speed, Memory, Diskspace (RAID?))
  • if any, charges
  • legal situation (company, etc)
  • contract length or month to month?
  • billing options (95th percentile? throughput?) (95th is mbps, throughput is GB/month)
  • install costs
  • commitments? is there a commitment to pay for a certain minimum amount of bandwidth?
  • what is the cost to go over that commitment? (many places have this, we managed to negotiate out of this at our provider in seattle)
  • how much power comes with the cabinet?
  • can you get a half cabinet?
  • how is power billed?
  • what is the cost for more power? what units does it come in? (do you have to get a whole circuit, or can you pay by additional amp, etc).
  • does it cost extra to be on a backup generator or UPS?
  • will you have 24/7 access to the facility -- this one can get sticky because they dont like having 200 people on an access list, and if they provide access cards, those might cost per card
  • how much will it cost to get access for more people?
  • what is the depth of the cabinets available? (we have 40 inch, maybe 42 inch, something like that) it is nice to have a really deep cabinet like this, because then you can fit all servers. with short cabinets, it can be difficult and crowded and some servers won't fit)
  • At SeaCCP we found the large square holes to be the best for mounting. i think they are called 3/8, but that is probably not metric. better than the little round holes, because they are more flexible.
  • where does your bandwidth come from? different providers have different reputations for quality (for example, cogent is often used as a backup network if a primary goes down, but usually never as primary because it has had some problems in the past. will you be locked into one provider or is the colo a bandwidth neutral exchange? what are their peering arrangements?
  • if the colo is an independent bandwidth arbitrator will you be responsible for the cost of the cross-connect? If so, what will this be? Will you need to do the routing?
  • do some research on the colo company -- something that bit us in the ass in seattle one year was the provider we chose actually turned out to be harboring a lot of spam customers and their entire netblocks were tainted. this meant every few months our class-C was included in a /19 block by big spam blocking organizations like spamhaus and sorbs and the only way we could get out of it was to get the provider to clean house, not always an easy thing to do.

Places to look at

These sites provide overviews on colocation providers in certain locations. (little overview of US hoster) (ru)

Results so far

What we already found out is listed at ColoHuntersResults.


  • Feedback with core-tech team, setup a irc-meeting and review all offers. decide which one to use.


  • establish direct tech contacts
  • hand over server access


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