Hello World,

this is call to setup the Colo Hunter working group.

The Tech Team is facing major problems with hosting all the imc websites due different reasons. The solution for these problems is the decentralisation of the indymedia server structure.

The main task for this process is to gather informations and to get in contact with people. For this Task does the IMC Tech Team need your help.

What does Decentralisation mean?

  • Incrase the amount of servers in the network
  • find servers all over the world
  • get more sysadmins involved (todo little imc work)
  • avoid any kind of centralisation


The tech team is in the process of reorganisation. With the current amount of server we can not avoid a centralisation of the larger amount of imc websites. To make it more clear: if this reorganizing fails, we face the possebility that a situations like the "ahimsa FBI Sizure" will result in large shutdown of many imc sites.

To make that even more clear: every bigger imc had to face legal problems in the past. Some of them are going to be serius problems for the imc network and will result in actions from the "authorities". This is just as question of time.

The Tech Team is able to handle that, but we need more servers and we need more sysadmins.

What is the exact Task for the Colo Hunters?

  • Find and Get in Contact with Colocations
  • Information Gathering
  • Connect the new Contacts with the existing IMC Tech Network
  • Documentation

The Colo Hunters are not...
  • ...the contact for any technical issues
  • ...a central "spokesperson" for the tech team

To make that clear: the colo hunters itself have to avoid to be a critical central structure. To avoid that, they just have to make sure that they only make connections, that they are not a contact themself wink

For a raw overview of the process check out the Wiki: https://docs.indymedia.org/view/Sysadmin/ColoHunters
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