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This page is meant to gather some of the results of work carried out by the Sysadmin.ColoHunters, i.e. information on the colocation possibilities in several locations of this planet (and beyond). It's structured by continents, then substructured by countries (which also defines the legislation which applies to this colocation), then substructured by colocation providers.

South America


An informational website on colocation providers in Brazil (but seemingly far from complete) is Cadehost. DMOZ might list some, too.

This forum post which dates back to early 2004 gives an overview of the Brazilian colocation possibilities by that time.

Rhatto may be able to help with getting quotes for colocation in Brazil, however he's quite busy. AlsteR may be able to provide additional information, too.


For 1U rack and 3MBps flat, HostLocation charges R$490,00 (EUR 170) for the initial setup and R$849 (EUR 295) each month.

Matrix Internet

For 1U rack and 3MBps flat, Matrix Internet S.A. (alternative location) charges no initial setup fee and R$1500 (EUR 520) each month.

Brasil Telecom

Brasil Telecom has not replied, even after two attempts to contact them.


Telefonica has not yet replied.


Locaweb has not been contacted, yet.

Some special location

  • No (or low?) monthly fees
  • Unlimited (or nearly unlimited) bandwidth
  • Colocation, must send a (preferrably) preconfigured server
  • Physical access is not always possible, KVM is a must
  • Power supply outages may occur rarely, UPS is a must
  • Network is not as reliable as a 24/7 colocation, but works well enough for Indymedia use (stats available on demand)
  • Location is pretty safe from thievery, but there's no human onsite guard
  • Special, slightly more liberal, laws apply to this location
  • There is no definitive statement on whether or not this location may be used for colocation, yet
  • Contact: JoaoPaulo who can often be found as joaop in #brasil-tech on

North America



  • Koumbit will be opening a new rack shortly, which has units left to fill.
  • As of now (2007-01-24), the rack is supposed to become available in april 2007.
  • Pricing is USD 65/unit right now, not official, subject to change. (for 80GB of bandwidth?)
  • As of now (2007-01-24), 2U + 1U are already available in their current rack (with the new rack, providers and IPs will change).
  • Contact: - make it clear you're non-profit/imc/whatever your social stance is
  • More info:



  • GlobeNet can offer long-term and short-term hosting and lots of bandwidth
  • hardware would be mostly bought by globenet, since shipping is expensive
  • needs legal contact to forward police requests
  • basic hosting is 100 EUR / months for 3 Mb/s
  • short-time might be different: only bandwidth 30-40 EUR per Mb/s at 95%


  • There's several options here, pricing is a bit more than in US for colocation, and a bit less for dedicated servers (with commercial providers).
  • There are also colocation, virtual server and SDSL connectivity options with local radical tech collectives.
  • Contact: or AlsteR (via IRC or email)



Интернет провайдер Объединенные Сети Украины - 1U: 50 GRN (EUR 8); 8 GB traffic 225 GRN (EUR 34) (?)
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