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to request a change or add a new entry in the dns, write to dns@sos.indymedia.org

the dns not-a-master (traditionally called "masters", but we have none wink ) for indymedia.org domain is ns2.riseup.net (aka bennu.riseup.net)

the dns not-slave (traditionally called slave) is ns2.fs-dl.net

ns.lackof.org (previously the NoSlave) was removed ( link)

fs.freespeech.org (previously the NoMaster) was removed from the whois listing after 5 years of service.

bennu runs bind9 chrooted
numerous arguments about which type of name server (bind, bind9, djbdns, and others) have taken place on irc. you will be spared those wink

-- StefaniB - 12 Dec 2004

-- StefaniB - 27 Jan 2005
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