Installing DadaIMC on Dega

Sites need to be installed separately. The Install doc from dadaIMC is available here.

Part One of Installation

  1. cd /usr/local/www/dadaIMC
  2. tar -xzvpf dadaIMC.0-95.tar.gz as root
  3. mv dadaIMC CITYNAME as root
  4. cd CITYNAME ; mkdir logs this creates a directory to store logfiles in
  5. create appropriate CITYNAME group and user; create user accts for each person who will need from that city
  6. chown -R CITYNAME:CITYNAME CITYNAME as root (this sets file permissions throughout tree)
  7. add www and each user to the CITYNAME group
  8. setup DNS ??? howto do this?
  9. in order to install, you need to edit the httpd.conf script. it is located at /usr/local/etc/apache2/httpd.conf ... back it up before you modify it please ... the best way to add your city to the vhost config is to take another city which is using dadaIMC code and duplicate it, then change the CITYNAME in all necessary areas. changes will need to be made as the root user of course.
  10. check syntax of apache config file - run /usr/local/sbin/apachectl configtest
  11. reset the apache server if you get a syntax okay message from previous step. run as root /usr/local/sbin/apachectl graceful
  12. now you are ready to run

Part Two of Installation (Using the Helperizer)

When you go to the URL specified in the last step, it should load a page that will install dadaIMC.

  1. the first two fields are obvious: IMC Name and City/Location Name.
  2. Path to site ... use /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME
  3. Path to web logs ... use /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/logs
  4. Server IP Address: this should be detected by the script...if it is not, you should be able to figure it out =)
  5. Domain Name:
  6. Site URL: use
  7. Site Admin User, Password, and email: the admin has full control over the site. You can add other admins from the administration area of the site after installation.
  8. recommend that you check "send administrative address to developers"
  9. DB info ... if you do not know the root username and pass for mysql, contact christopher or ski
  10. MySQL Host: localhost
  11. IMC DB Name: use following convention: CITYNAMEdada
  12. IMC DB user: use CITYNAME user you created above for consistency; make sure you use a different password though
  13. Do not check Drop existing DB unless you are killing a previous install
  14. Click the Install button and cross your fingers
  15. should something go wrong, you can reinstall - follow the same steps, checking the box that says to drop the imc database and create a new one. but before re-installing you will need to delete the user name from the mysql db ... this can be done using the mysql db, the users table, and doing a delete from user where user="USERNAME";

Part Three of Installation (Last bit)

After running the install script, there are a few more changes to secure and standardize the site.

  1. run rm /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/imc_classes/* this removes the dadaIMC php classes from the cities own directory. this will force it to use the shared php classes in /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/imc_classes. this simplifies patches, etc. if a city needs to customize one or more of these classes, they can copy them to their own imc_classes diretory and edit the files. these will take precedence over the common files.
  2. run chmod 660 /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/ this protects the file which contains the mysql username and password for the city.
  3. make sure there is an entry in the city's VirtualHost section of httpd.conf as below ... this prevents .inc files from being displayed on the web. without this section, any person can view the mysql username and password over the internet, giving them the ability to add or delete anything from the website.
    <FilesMatch "\.inc$">
        Order allow,deny
        Deny from all
  1. you may have to touch /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/logs/dadaphp.log ... chown www:www it also
  2. set up a crontab entry for the CITYNAME user:
*/10 * * * * /usr/local/bin/curl -s -S -m 1200 -o /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/logs/cronmaster.log -y 50 -Y 20 >> /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/logs/cronmaster.log 2>&1

-- ChristopherMitchell - 13 Aug 2003
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