Migrating from Zero to Dega

  • Ask dns @ indymedia dot org to change the dns for CITYNAME.indy
  • Make sure you have the correct usernames set up on dega that were in use on zero.
  • Shut down pubishing on site on Zero.

  • Transfer stuff from zero to dega:
  • shut down publishing on the website
  • take a db dump on zero, transfer that to dega, and restore it there (with possibly different db_user, db_name, etc)
  • tar up the directory of the website (and the logs if they are not a subdirectory) on zero, ship it over to dega and untar it there in /home/dadaIMC

  • Modify the /usr/local/www/dadaIMC/CITYNAME/imc_dbinfo.inc file so it points to the correct "g_db_host" (walesa instead of localhost
  • Modify the following values in the CITYNAMEdada DB: table prefs, db_host should be modified from localhost to walesa
  • Load the site and do sanity checks. * If there is a problem uploading images or files, there may be an issue with permissions in the usermedia directory. Usermedia must be writable by user www, user www should be in the cityname group. So make sure directory perms are 775 if directories are owned by cityname:cityname
  • Make sure media distribution is set up and works
  • Rotate relevant logs
  • re-enable publishing
  • set up crontab to run cronmaster

-- ChristopherMitchell - 01 Sep 2003
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