dissent.buffaloimc.org info page

  • Note: dissent is colocated with sodor which is the primary server in Buffalo, New York USA.

  • Dissent is unique in that it hosts sites using old Active, dada, Sf-active and Mir.

hosted indymedia sites

  • Bolivia: (Mir Mirror)
  • Ecuador: (Mir Mirror)

  • Coming Soon:
  • Mailman install will allow hosted sites greater flexibility in lists.
  • New mail server for hosted sites.

  • Dissent in its current configuration is a Dell PIII running at 733mhz with a 33gb scsi hard drive, using 384mb SDRAMM.

  • Dissent uses Mandrake 9.2 operating System.

  • Dissent is colocated with Sodor at 100 South Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, New York through special arrangement with the office of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

  • virtual hosts are configured in /etc/httpd/2.0/conf/vhosts, and web directories are in /home/httpd/.

indymedia sites moved from Dissent to Stray (May-2005)

-- JohnC - 16 Dec 2003

-- JoeBos - 09 Jan 2004 re-added location of virtual host config & web dirs

-- JohnC - 11 jan 2004

-- EdwinLicaros - 23 Mar 2004 corrected Quezon City link

-- MatRiseup - 25 Jul 2005 moved sites to stray

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