Dev Changes on Edna


you now need to use the cvs on contact john or zapata in #mir or on for developer access

What you need..

CVS_RSH=ssh; export CVS_RSH
cvs -d co

cvs -d co

How it works...

On Edna is a cvs checkout in /home/earth/setups/

From the live site pointing some symlinks into this CVS. Update this CVS Tree and the changes go into the live site. A basic Example

[.. change and commit from your local box ..]
you@edna:~$ sudo su - earth
earth@edna:~$ cd ~/setup/
earth@edna:~/setup/$ cvs update
[..your changes go into cvs..]
earth@edna:~/setup/$ cd ~/site
earth@edna:~/site$ ant

For bigger changes use the Dev-Box from Zapata wich has the same Setup.
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