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Howard is named after the radical US historian and and activist Howard Zinn.

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(from memory, will update further later)

  • howard is a sparc10
  • cpu is a ross hypersparc
  • 190MB RAM
  • 2x 2138 MB SCSI-II disks


the sparc 10 was released by sun microsystems in 1992.

this box was given to MattToups in the fall of 2000. it first ran OpenBSD but has spent most of its days since then running Debian Linux.

On July 3, 2005, mtoups upgraded howard to debian sarge, finally getting a 2.4.27 kernel upgrade from the 2.2.x series. (this site was very helpful:


Booting Howard

Howard now boots normally. But if it takes you to the 'ok' prompt for some reason, try this:

boot disk0:h [hit return] [prompt will change to a SILO prompt] [hit return]

The machine will then proceed to boot.

-- DannyP - 20 May 2005

-- MattToups - 03 Jul 2005
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