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Humus Info

humus = vserver on kompost dedicated to hosting. install

  • Installed the follwoing packages on 22/05
    • apache2
    • awstats
    • libnet-smtp-server-perl
    • RCS


Twiki install

  • used (from memory - the filename is something like that). d/l to /home/gdm/ - then unzipped in /var/www/

  • nb: all configuration done as humus. will need to be changed s/humus/docs throughout all config files (i.e. lib/TWiki.cfg)

  • configuration of apache2 and lib/TWiki.cfg to allow short urls.

Migration of

This occured on 18 July following unexpected (to most of us) downtime of Boum. It was a bit of a rushed, makeshift job with numerous problems due to somethings being misconfigured or not correctly transferred over. The changelog was as follows:

>   *
>      "basically, the equivelant directories of twiki/bin, twiki/data, twiki/templates,
>      twiki/pub got transferred from lombric to humus (backup ==> live server). the
>      directory structure was altered a bit, and the apache configuration file had
>      already been set up to work for and short urls (although not
>      as short as the ones that might have been desired).
>      also patched was the new TWiki.cfg file with code from the lombric setup. this
>      did not seem to work, however, so part of it was commented out [the problem was
>      that revisions were not being logged as separate, so there was no revision
>      control at all. this worked when the lines were changed about rcs]. some
>      symlinks were introduced into the directory twiki/ from the server root.
>      i'm unsure why, but the rcs code in teh TWiki.cfg file still does not work
>      (it is commented out at present). is there something i'm missing here?"
>    *
>      "pretty much *everything* was transferred from the boum setup (well, the backup
>      on lombric). the only changes that were made was to rename some of the
>      directories and make the appropriate changes for that in the TWiki.cfg file:
>       lombric dir.      ==> humus dir         
>       ~/twiki/bin       ==> ~/bin
>       ~/twiki-data       ==> ~/data
>       ~/twiki/lib       ==> ~/lib
>       ~/twiki-logs       ==> ~/logs
>       ~/twiki/pub       ==> ~/pub
>       ~/twiki-templates    ==> ~/templates
>      root
>       dir: /home/docs/backup/d.o.i   /var/www/d.o.i
>      there were a couple of directories that didn't get transferred:
>      - - '~/Indydocs-backuped' ==> this was just a backup of old data that we'd removed
>      during the working camp, so it's just as appropriate for it to be on lombric.
>      - - '~twiki/t' - which contained '20robustness.t'. i don't know what this is about
>      but, looking at it now, it looks as if it may be important. in fact, this may
>      even be the CPAN related directory - i don't recall ever seeing anything in the
>      changelog on the wiki about how the CPAN was set-up, but i'll have another look
>      when i have time soon.
>      and some directories which got a little messed up in transfer:
>      ~/twiki/lib also was transferred to ~/bin/lib - but this was inaccessible via
>      the web and i have now chmod 700 and chown root that directory. it needs to be
>      removed.
>      ~/twiki/legal which appears to be another entire twiki install and i'm not sure
>      what it's doing there. i've also now chmod 700 and chown root that directory. if
>      there's no good explanation, i think it should be removed also."

How to use the box


-- GarconDuMonde - 28 May 2005
-- PseudoPunk - 22 May 2005
-- GarconDuMonde - 21 May 2005
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