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Public Stats

Anyone can access /status.xsl to see stats on current listeners, mountpoints, etc.

Admin Interface

All administration is done with a web browser. First, make sure you have your admin password set in icecast.xml (or whatever config file you're running Icecast with):

admin password

Don't leave it as default, especially if your version of Icecast isn't hacked to hide IPs from logs and admin interface.

Theres 6 admin tools:
lists live mountpoints and how many clients are connected to each.

returns a text file listing live mountpoints, one per line

returns a xml file of raw stats for the server

sets a "fallback" for mount1, so if the source for mount1 disconnects all clients are seamlessly switched to mount2, which may be nothing more than a repeating message appologising for "technical difficulties" (use moveclients command to then move them back to /mount1 when it's back up)

shows a list of clients currently connected to the mountpoint

moves all clients currently connected to /mount1 to /mount2, while appearing to them to still be connected to /mount1. This does not effect future connections to /mount1.

-- ArcNLN - 03 Apr 2003
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