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IMC-docs : the collective working on this TWiki

Communication tools

Admin tools

  • ImcDocsAdminTips - useful tips and guidelines on how to manage both the wiki itself and also the underlying sysadministration of the servers.

Past & future

Our vserver: amanita

Statistics: is currently running on a vserver called amanita, where the following set of softwares is installed and configured to support the site:
  • apache 2.2.9-10+lenny2 (mpm-worker, gnutls, perl support)
    • libapache2-mod-fastcgi
    • libapache-htpasswd-perl
  • perl 5.10.0-19
    • libcgi-session-perl
    • liberror-perl
    • libfreezethaw-perl
    • libgd-gd2-perl
    • libhtml-tree-perl
    • lib\(time\|date\|datetime\)-.\*-perl
    • libfcgi-perl
    • libcgi
    • libalgorithm-diff-perl
    • libtext-diff-perl
    • libuniversal-require-perl
    • libi18n-charset-perl
    • libunicode-\(map\|map8\|maputf8\|string\)-perl
    • libjcode-perl
    • liburi-perl
    • liblocale-maketext-lexicon-perl
    • libdigest-sha1-perl
  • foswiki 1.0.4

Our old server : kompost

Some stats :

Take Notes

Some notes on Foswiki: ImcDocsFoswikiNotes

IMC-docs topics

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These pages used to be named TechCoord - their old home was TechCoordWorkingGroup.

As this page has been repeatedly attacked by spammers, it is now only editable by the TWikiAdminGroup.
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