history of work done

Lots of work is in our TODO list : ImcDocsTodo.

Important Note

Starting August 2005, this document will no longer be maintained. Instead, changes arenow tracked directly on the server. If you are looking for specific information, please contact indy-docs@riseup.net



docs finally goes live again, with data from 2008-09-24, using Foswiki instead of TWiki, and SSL-only site access. The new server is called amanita.


December's Big crash

Disk failures in Kompost server took the server down in December 2008, and the latest backups were from 2008-09-24.



Fixed TWikiUsers


Moved to Humus following downtime on Boum

  • basically, the equivelant directories of twiki/bin, twiki/data, twiki/templates, twiki/pub got transferred from lombric to humus (backup ==> live server). the directory structure was altered a bit, and the apache configuration file had already been set up to work for http://humus.indymedia.org and short urls (although not as short as the ones that might have been desired).
  • also patched was the new TWiki.cfg file with code from the lombric (backup) setup. this did not seem to work, however, so part of it was commented out [the problem was that revisions were not being logged as separate, so there was no revision control at all. this worked when the lines were changed about rcs]. some symlinks were introduced into the directory twiki/ from the server root.

mtopper given sudo access on humus.

  • this was cos i have met him and worked together on other projects: he knows a lot more than me, including perl, so was helpful and interested to learn more. as it turns out, mike was a big help.


Manage moved/renamed pages

Global Translations

improve the look of Global

Created 'Help' web

Naming conventions


  • created a cronjob ( /etc/cron.d/docs_indymedia_org-statistics) that updates daily the stats used by WebStatistics topics -- IntRigeri - 11 Apr 2005

Plugins (documentation and requirements)

Plugins disabled

These plugins have been disabled on the TWikiPreferences page :

Indydocs topics moved to where they should be!

Main translations

improve the look of Main

remove "Comment" field in TWikiRegistration

this was really easy: i just went to TWikiRegistration and edited the page. there, i found the following comment:

<!-- IMPORTANT NOTE if you want to customize this form: You can delete or add new input variables in this form. Use the topic TWikiRegistration in case this installation is on a public server (just copy the content over to the TWikiRegistration topic). The name="" parameter of the input tags must start with: "Twk0..." (if this is an optional entry), "Twk1..." (if this is a required entry). This will ensure that the fields are processed correctly. -->

so, i just removed the comment line. the code i removed was:
  <td valign="top" align="right"> Comments:</td>
  <td><textarea name="Twk0Comment" wrap="virtual" rows="4" cols="38"></textarea> </td>
  <td colspan="2">%I% *Note:* Comments you add here will be publically displayed on your personal WikiTopic.</td>

then, i've done it also for the other, translated languages (TWikiRegistrationPl, TWikiRegistrationEs, TWikiRegistrationDe, TWiki.TWikiRegistrationPt)

i'm also moving the different language pages to TWikiRegistrationXX where XX is the language code. - DONE

ignore "Comment" field in register script

Put in production a new password reset system

Cleaned a bit the notification email sent to newly registered users

Setup access statistics


Activated TablePlugin

  • tons of warnings in Apache's error.log but seems to work


Fixed "some users can not edit their hometopic"

  • the users registered between october and december 2004 had %TOPIC% in their ALLOWTOPICCHANGE variable, which is not expanded by TWiki's access control system
  • fixed with a script called fix_ALLOWTOPICCHANGE, a bit of Perl regexp -- IntRigeri - 16 Feb 2005


  • prepended IMC abbreviations to a couple of topics in the Local web to keep the IMC seperation intact, still lots of work remaining on this sector... -- Alster

redirected /twiki/$ to /

  • one rewrite rule smile -- IntRigeri - 17 Feb 2005

Disallow: /*?* to robots.txt

Removed write access of common users to certain webs

  • To reduce maintenance work, editing and renaming topics in the Indydocs and TWiki webs was restricted to TWikiAdminGroup -- AlsteR - 19 Feb 2005

Removed the Test web

It was the old name of Sandbox web. -- IntRigeri - 18 Feb 2005

Fixed TWiki:Codev/RawParamLeaksEmailAddresses

  • added a rewrite rule that denies access to raw= URLs
  • removed the "Raw text" link at the bottom of the pages : patches/20041030beta/remove_raw_text_link.diff
-- IntRigeri - 18 Feb 2005

Fixed TWiki:Codev/RawParamLeaksEmailAddresses the soft way

  • added a rewrite rule that redirects the raw= URLs to viewauth so that you have to be authentificated to view them
  • re-added the "Raw text" link by unapplying the previous patch
-- IntRigeri - 23 Feb 2005

Security: applied twiki-robustness-r3342.diff

  • should fix "all" shell commands injections -- IntRigeri - 23 Feb 2005
  • this implied lots of "whitespace in filename" errors, so I patched TWiki.pm with fix_whitespace-20040901.diff -- IntRigeri - 25 Feb 2005
  • added quotes in TWiki.cfg in ciCmd : -m'%COMMENT|U%' to workaround the new bug "when I try to upload an attachment and leave the Comment field empty I get an error". -- IntRigeri - 25 Feb 2005

Performance optimizations

  • forbid access to skin= URLs to authentificated users (no need that the robots index our wiki twice) -- IntRigeri - 24 Feb 2005


Repaired WebNotify & WebRss



ChangePassword now works smile

It was only a matter of adding the twiki/bin/manage script to the Apache RewriteRule... -- IntRigeri - 07 Dec 2004

Changed TWikiGuest password to imcguest in order to annoy spambots

Updated twiki-templates/oopsauth.tmpl, TWikiRegistration and its translations accordingly to this. -- IntRigeri - 07 Dec 2004

Upgraded to 20041130beta & moved to another box

  • desactivated GnuSkin & TablePlugin that causes errors in Apache error.log
  • patched Prefs.pm to get rid of "Use of uninitialized value in hash element at ../lib/TWiki/Prefs.pm line 413" in Apache error.log
  • patched Store.pm so that TWiki does not log IPs
  • patched view.pattern.tmpl to add breadcrumbs (parentbars) on top as well
  • patched View.pm so that an access to a non-existant topic does not request user authentification : View.pm-non_existant_topic_required_auth.diff
-- IntRigeri & DjRom - 12 Dec 2004

Rollback'd "home topic protection"

Putting this in a home topic does not work :
Indeed, the TOPIC variable is not expanded, and thus not taken into account by the TWiki authentification ; I thus removed this from NewUserTemplate.

IntRigeri - 13 Dec 2004


Parentbar at top as well.

  • diff:
diff view.pattern.tmpl view.pattern.tmpl.orig 33a34 > 35d35 < You are here: [[Sysadmin.WebHome][Sysadmin]]  > [[Sysadmin.ImcDocs][ImcDocs]] > ImcDocsLog 

 71c71 <  --- >  \ No newline at end of file 
-- PseudoPunk - 02 Dec 2004

Hotfix applied for the "search security hole"

-- IntRigeri - 16 Nov 2004


Users' homepages protection

Modified NewUserTemplate so that new users' homepage is only editable by itself. -- IntRigeri - 10 Oct 2004

robots.txt : disallow bots to crawl

... in order to lower che's load ; allowed ia_archiver, otherwise archive.org deletes old archives (cf http://www.archive.org/about/exclude.php) -- IntRigeri + DjRom - 09 Oct 2004

migration to PatternSkin version 1.0.10 2004

-- IntRigeri - 05 Oct 2004


installed PatternSkin version 1.0.10 on Sandbox web

installed new banners

-- IntRigeri - 28 Sep 2004


Denied access to Trash web for unauthenticated users

-- IntRigeri - 26 Sep 2004
  • to prevent google from indexing our trash
  • added access control to

Half-fixed the verbatim bug

-- IntRigeri - 30 Jul 2004

Obfuscated admin mail (anti-spam)

-- IntRigeri - 29 Jul 2004
  • modified WEBCOPYRIGHT variable in TWikiPreferences, since WIKIWEBMASTER mail, while automatically obfuscated everywhere else, isn't when used in WEBCOPYRIGHT

Disabled BlackListPlugin which causes problems

-- IntRigeri - 08 Jul 2004


Setup another TWiki for UTF-8 testing purpose

-- IntRigeri - 08 Jun 2004

Secured WebMenu

i.e. had it editable only by the TWikiAdminGroup members, tt had been asked by somebody -- IntRigeri - 06 Jun 2004

Installed BlackListPlugin v.20040405

Upgraded to TWiki beta release v. 07 05 2004 [ IntRigeri 4-6 Jun 2004 ]

NB: the so-called Beta releases are in fact told to be stable enough in a production environment.

Here is the procedure:


Manage moved/renamed pages

Migrated the old Test web to Sandbox, used in newer TWiki versions

  • migrated almost all pages [Main.IntRigeri - 30 May 2004]
  • adapted the links in every WebMenu (the left toolbar) [Main.IntRigeri - 30 May 2004]
  • NB: there are still some files attached to Test ; I didn't bother

Cosmetic stuff


Setup IrcLogPlugin

Work on the mailnotify (WebNotify) function

  • created a daily cronjob to launch twiki/bin/mailnotify ... seems to work [Main.IntRigeri - 11 Mar 2004 ]

Work on the search fonction

  • added a link to "Advanced search" in twiki.gnu.tmpl [ IntRigeri - 09 Mar 2004 ]

Work on the spell checker

  • renamed spell.pl to spell, modified its code to work in that way [ IntRigeri - 06 Mar 2004 ]
  • added 'spell' to the scripts list in Apache rewrite rules and bin/.htaccess [ IntRigeri - 06 Mar 2004 ]
  • modified GnuSkin to integrate a "spell check" button ; patch applied: gnuskin-with-spellcheck.patch [ IntRigeri - 06 Mar 2004 ]
  • updated spell script to upstream (WBOSS) 2.5i, and modified to work with TWiki... still problems with accentuated words [ IntRigeri - 06 Mar 2004 ]
  • seems we won't solve problems with spellchek in a multilingual environment, cf. TWikiInternationalization

Upgraded to TWiki production release v. 01 Feb 2003 [ IntRigeri 4 Mar 2004 ]

Here is the procedure:


  • moved logs to /var/www/docs.indymedia.org/twiki-logs and had the logrotated [ IntRigeri 28 Feb 2004 ]



  • stallman: jb blocked large scanning load (Webclipping.com 'fast http bot' - indexing and email harvesting) by moving the port squid talks to apache from the un-firewalled 8081 to the firewalled 8080 [ BrandF 09 Jan 2003 ]



  • docs.indymedia.org moved to /var/www/docs.indymedia.org because /home (where it used to live previously) run out of space - ImcDocsTWikiSetup. separate virtual host entry made for it, lives in apache dir conf/hosts/ (toni)



  • user's perspective short howto doc (rovin) - EasyTWikiIntro
  • added mod-rewrite rules to get rid of/twiki/bin/ in URL (toni)


  • docs.indymedia.org moved to twiki


  • moin moin wiki started, to share information better, to improve
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