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Currently installed plugins:

  • SpreadSheetPlugin (19 Jul 2018, 1.24): Add spreadsheet calculations like "$SUM($ABOVE())" to Foswiki tables and other topic text
  • SlideShowPlugin (09 Mar 2021, 2.40): Create web based presentations based on topics with headings
  • AutoViewTemplatePlugin (2016-04-08, 1.24): Automatically sets VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE
  • CommentPlugin (13 Oct 2020, 2.94): Quickly post comments to a page without an edit/save cycle
  • CompareRevisionsAddonPlugin (1.114, 1.114):
  • ConfigurePlugin (31 Jan 2021, 1.11): configure interface using json-rpc
  • EditRowPlugin (29 Sep 2020, 3.330): Inline edit for tables
  • HistoryPlugin (16 Nov 2020, 1.20): Shows a complete history of a topic
  • HomePagePlugin (1.23, 1.23): Allow User specified home pages - on login
  • InterwikiPlugin (3 May 2018, 1.26): Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in a rules topic
  • JQueryPlugin (21 Jan 2022, 10.20): jQuery JavaScript library for Foswiki
  • MailerContribPlugin (2.84, 2.84): Supports e-mail notification of changes
  • NatEditPlugin (15 Jan 2021, 9.40): A Wikiwyg Editor
  • PreferencesPlugin (1.16, 1.16): Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
  • RenderListPlugin (2.28, 2.28): Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
  • SmiliesPlugin (17 Sep 2015, 2.03): Render smilies like smile as icons
  • SubscribePlugin (08 Dec 2017, 3.6): This is a companion plugin to the MailerContrib. It allows you to trivially add a "Subscribe me" link to topics to get subscribed to changes.
  • TablePlugin (22 Jan 2018, 1.160): Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
  • TinyMCEPlugin (11 Feb 2019, 1.32): Integration of the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG Editor
  • TwistyPlugin (28 Sep 2020, 1.64): Twisty section Javascript library to open/close content dynamically
  • UpdatesPlugin (12 Nov 2019, 2.00): Checks for updates
  • WysiwygPlugin (13 Jun 2018, 1.38): Translator framework for WYSIWYG editors

Some comments about the currently installed ones:

Plugins to disable


Plugins to install

  • TWiki:Plugins/SessionPlugin - allows for logout - verdict: ok for installation
    • apparently the same as which is pretty kool hack! still requires you to close the browser down, though, so i'm not sure if that much is gained... BTW, the boum setup is explained on Boum:TechStdOut/BoumTWikiSetup
    • on reading through TWiki:Plugins/SessionPlugin i came across Session Security: Stealing Session IDs: basically ip logging is required frown, sad smile otherwise there is a big security hole.
    • in we can choose the directory where the session files, that contain IPs, are stored ; we can put this in a ramdisk and clean it everyday with tmpreaper
    • is integrated in Dakar
  • TWiki:Plugins/AuthPagePlugin - again, allows for logout: you want to logout and login as another user [quote] - it is dependent on the SessionPlugin ; we can already logout using the SessionPlugin ; verdict: yes.
    • can create a link saying "logout" that logs you in as the imc-guest (anon user) automatically. problem solved smile
    • ahh... actually, this is not so good: firefox and other browsers give you a popup warning. hmmm. maybe not for installation.
    • is integrated in Dakar... maybe fixes firefox bug ?

Let's think about these ones

Probably DO NOT install

  • TWiki:Plugins/TreePluginSamples - this seems very complicated to me and i guess would probably be beyond most users, hence i don't think this is a good plugin to install. verdict: NOT for installation (unless someone has specifically requested it somewhere?) -- GarconDuMonde - 09 Apr 2005
  • TWiki:Plugins/CalendarPlugin - nice plugin, could be useful, but maybe we should be encouraging people to use although i can definitely see the benefits as far as planning events goes... however, from TWiki:Plugins/CalendarPlugin : NB. This Plugin does not, and has never, observed topic permissions. i'm not sure if this would be a security concern that meaning that 'locked' pages (e.g. to TWikiAdminGroup or others) could be compromised? verdict: NOT for installation -- GarconDuMonde - 09 Apr 2005
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