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Current Network Information

This IrcD page is mostly focused on IRC FAQs and related information. See the IrcdNetwork page for current information on the setup and ongoing progress of the Indymedia IRC Network.

Getting OP privileges

The only way to op people in a channel is if you are a channel operator. As you know, you can only be a channel operator if you are the first person in the channel, or if someone gives you operator status who already has it (in most IRC clients that works by doing a /mode channel +o chris_msp).

So what do you do when there are no channel operators in a channel, or the only operator is asleep for the last 4 days? On our network Hybrid Services are available. One of these Services is Operserv, which has global IRC operator status. If you are a IRCOP (more than a channel operator - you will know if you are an IRCOP), you should also have been given the ability to utilize the features of Operserv.

If you wanted to secure a channel's operator status, you would first authenticate with Operserv:

/msg operserv identify <your operator password>

Then you can send operserv commands:

/msg operserv help 
(which will get you all the commands you can send to operserv)

/msg operserv secure tech 
[msg(operserv)] secure #tech
-:- ServerMode/#tech [-o dmz] by
-:- ServerMode/#tech [-n] by
-:- OperServ [] has joined #tech
-:- ServerMode/#tech [+o OperServ] by
-:- mode/#tech [+ntp] by OperServ
-:- mode/#tech [+oooo jpl matze GMD micah] by OperServ
-:- OperServ [] has left #tech []
-OperServ( #tech has been secured

This will cause Operserv to jump into #tech, find everyone that it knows should be opped, +o them, and then take off. If you are someone who Operserv knows, you'll be given +o too.

Chanserv, Statserv, Nickserv, and Memoserv are also available.

If you are interested in volunteering to be an IRCOP, join #ircd and talk to someone there. Our structure is open, and if you are interested in taking the time to learn how to properly take care of an IrcD, you can be of some assistance.

Logging with

There is a perl script installed on kropotkin that can log irc channels. Start it with:

sudo -u logger /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/local/sbin/ -html  $PASSWORD irc://localhost:6667/$CHANNEL $CHANNEL $LOG_DIR $LOG_URL

For #tech on kropotkin, it looks like people don't like to have public logs, so change the LOG_URL to something similar to http://no-url-for-now

sudo -u logger /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/local/sbin/ -html  $PASSWORD irc://localhost:6667/tech  tech
 /home/logger http://no-url-for-now

Of course, $PASSWORD is to be changed to something.

You can get this script from here:

-- JiBe - 06 Jun 2002

-- ChristopherMitchell - 05 Jun 2002
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