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In your browser, open a new window (or tab, if you are lucky to use mozilla)

In the url line, write:

If it is working properly you should get a page with a form.

'Name': change guest for a name you want to be known for. (This is called your nick)

\x91Channel\x92: the channel to which you want to go. If you don't know or are not sure, go to indymedia, you can select your channel later.

Real Name: you don't need to put name and surname, you can put the same as with 'name' if you want.

'Port' it should be 6667.

Leave the rest as it is and click on \x91connect\x92.

After a few seconds you will be directed to the #indymeida channel on the server.

If indymedia is not the channel you want to stay in, type this: /list and then hit enter, or return. (always hit enter, so that the order gets understood by the computer/s, and to 'say' something on the chat.

The list of all the channels will appear on your screen. Note the name of the channel you wish to join. If you want to join the uk channel, for instance, then type: /join #uk

Note that when you type that, you get out of that channel to join another one. If you want to join more than one channel, you need to open as many windows as channel you wish to join. You will not be able to log in all channels with the same nick; usually people get names like, ana, ana1, ana2... for the different channels they're in.

On the left of that window will be the conversation that is taking place on the channel; on the right, the list of people present in that channel at that moment.

You can change your nick at any time; for that, you type: /nick newname

If you want to have a private conversation with some one, you type:

/query nick

or double-click on her name, on the right of the window. A smaller window will pop up with this private conversation. Always remember that even private chats are as public as an email and as a postcard.

Good luck

-- AnA - 22 Nov 2003
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